Play squash. How to organize networking for entrepreneurs in an original way

Play squash. How to organize networking for entrepreneurs in an original way

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Sometimes it doesn't take a pen, but a ball and a racket to sign a multimillion-dollar contract… Don't you believe it? Then you should definitely read this material.

Have you ever wondered why business meetings are often held outside the office in a huge business center, where there are many floors, offices and people in strict suits? It is much easier to discuss even the most serious topics and multimillion-dollar contracts in the relaxed atmosphere of the halls and summer terraces of restaurants and cafes.

And if we assume that there is another, even more successful environment? And these are squash courts.

Squash is a sport that requires a ball, a racket and a special indoor area. You can play with a partner or even yourself.

The main principle is to bounce the ball off the front wall. Squash is currently being developed in more than 190 countries around the world. Included in the Pan American and Asian Games, the Commonwealth Games, the World Games and the All-African Games. In recent years, it has begun to gain popularity in Ukraine.

So why do I recommend thinking about inviting your partner to a squash business meeting next time?

  • Informal atmosphere - the lack of increased formality removes psychological barriers, reduces tension and gives a feeling of calm and ease. In this way, a business conversation, even on a difficult topic for both parties, will be perceived easier and more positively.
  • Unusual environment - sometimes it is very useful to see a person and be with him in a completely different place from the routine. This is especially true for colleagues or partners. For example, this is how teambuildings work, which are aimed at building strong friendships within the company.
  • Convergence - to see how a serious businessman, who can usually be found only in a strict suit, running in shorts and a T-shirt with a racket, will relieve stress. It will make it clear that a business partner, like you, is first and foremost a human being.
  • Lack of "masks" - quite often people in the business environment wear "masks": importance, seriousness, purposefulness, etc. When playing squash, this feature is leveled. After all, professional players have a speed of moving the ball on the court with an area of ​​64 sq.m. reaches 180 km / h. Because of the need for such prompt decision-making, a person is truly revealed, because there is simply no time for "masks". And it's important to build effective business relationships, isn't it?
  • Building common interests - when you are united not only by business but also by third parties - business communication becomes much more effective. So it is useful not only to work, but also to have fun with your work partners.
  • Relieve emotional stress - leaving all the negativity on the court with the ball and racket, you can safely move on to the conversation.
  • Increasing your credibility - firstly, the invitation to squash is quite unusual and creative, and secondly, it demonstrates you as a person who has his own interests and cares about health.

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If you also play masterfully, there will be a chance to show your best side, and if you are a beginner, you will learn from your partner and thus also prove yourself as a person who is constantly developing in various directions.

In addition to these aspects, it is worth paying attention to the more obvious: squash is about dating. He is often played by businessmen and politicians. This means that you can not only establish contacts with existing partners, but also find new ones.

So, for example, if you visit a squash club or tournament, then you will definitely meet interesting personalities.

And what can we say about larger events that last several days and attract participants from all over the country and even the world? As, for example, the squash camp of the world squash stars of the Ashur brothers, which takes place in Kiev on August 2-8 with the support of the Squash Federation of Ukraine. Thanks to such events, networking becomes even easier.

Of course, you should not reject other options for building relationships with business partners. But it is definitely necessary to pay attention to squash from an unusual angle of view. Therefore, stock up on a racket, ball and sportswear. Get ready to sign multimillion-dollar contracts!

Alena Ogonesyan, vice-president of the Squash Federation of Ukraine, especially for the UP. Life

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