What is SPIN?

In early 2014, the World Squash Federation focused on the mandatory receipt by each player of a sports license, abbreviated as SPIN (Squash Personal Identification Number).

What is SPIN for?

This makes WSF much more convenient:

- holding various events;

- their distribution by categories;

- to structure the rating of athletes;

- it is easier to carry out the procedure of seeding players in the world.

Who needs SPIN?

- professional players;

- juniors who participate in the tournaments of the World Federations (Team and Individual World Championship);

- Masters players who take part in World Federation tournaments;

- for coaches who plan to receive the ESF / WSF Level category.

What is the fee for registration of SPIN?

New SPIN registration (including 1 year payment): £ 15.00 GBP (for all ages). Annual renewal: for adults - £ 10.00 GBP. For juniors - £ 5.00 (juniors under 19).

How to get SPIN?

Players can do this with the help of the National Federation (in this case Ukrainian) or in person through the on-line procedure on the WSF website. It is enough to go through the SPIN registration procedure once and the personal number of the player / coach will appear in the WSF database for life.

Online registration

Step-by-step instruction