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Ukrainian Squash Federation (USF ) - A national body, responsible for the development and promotion of squash in Ukraine. USF - non-profit organization, which is accredited by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine 2005 year. He is a member of the Sports Committee of Ukraine.

The purpose of the FSO activities - Development and promotion of squash in Ukraine.

The main activities of the FSO:

- Assistance in the preparation of highly skilled athletes, trainers, judges by implementing various programs, projects and initiatives;
- Assistance in the preparation of athletes for their successful performances in various competitions, including world and European championships;
- Assist in the development of junior squash and work towards the preparation of the sports reserve squash;
- Development and approval of the calendar for the squash competition plan (local, national, etc.), Security and assist in their preparation and conduct;
- Calculation and maintenance of the national ranking;
- Promotion of squash in the population;
- Development and strengthening of relations with public authorities, commercial organizations, public associations, which are aimed at the development of physical education, squash, as well as with foreign and international sports clubs;
- Approval of the regulations on competition among athletes, implementation monitoring;
- Development and strengthening of its logistical and financial base.

«Frequently asked questions»

1.What is the PO “Federation of squash of Ukraine” (USF )?

Public organization "Ukrainian Squash Federation" (USF ) It is a public organization (Sports destinations), which unites citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, on the basis of common interests for the realization of the goals and objectives, under the Charter of the Organization. The main objectives of the FSO are: assistance in developing squash, the satisfaction and protection of lawful social, economic, sports and other common interests of its members, promoting the level of squash in Ukraine.

2.Who is eligible to become a member of UFS?

Members of the FOS can become citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, the age of 14 years.

3. How to become a member of UFS?

OFS membership is automatic based on application and payment of the membership fee.

4. What is the size of membership fee?

The membership fee for full members is 13 875 UAH (It is also the opening and is paid annually).

The membership fee is associate member 500 UAH (It is also the opening and is paid annually).

Honorary membership does not involve a monetary contribution.

5. What is the difference between full, Associate and honorary members?

All members of the FSO shall have the right:
-to be elected to the governing bodies OFS;
-obtain information on the activities of the Office and its governing bodies;
-take part in decision-making, associated with the activities of OFS;
-freely enter member of FOS;

but only

Full members have the right to participate and vote at Conference (the supreme body of governance in FSO).

Honorary members shall have the right to participation and the right of a deliberative vote in the Conference (the supreme body of governance in FSO).

6. Which means there is UFS?

Permanent sources of funding for the activities of the FOS are:
-tools and equipment, that come for free or as a permanent financial assistance or donations;
-membership, entrance fees;
-passive income;
-funds or property, which are non-profit organizations, from carrying out their main activity in the light of legislation;
-grants or subsidies, received from State or local budgets, State trust funds or technical or charity, including humanitarian, assistance.

7. How I, as a member of UFS, can affect the development of squash in Ukraine?

All members must abide by the requirements of the Statute the FSO organizations and act in accordance with the basic directions of activity of the FSO. FSO members may propose his candidature in controls, the Executive Committee and the Audit Commission. Propose and participate in projects to develop squash under the auspices of the FSO. To participate in the Organization of events under the auspices of the Ukrainian Squash Federation (tournaments, workshops, training courses, etc.).



Kutkovskyy Yakov Petrovich

Vice president

Ohonesian Alona

Total members

Kharchenko Sergij Mikolajovich

Rybalchenko Kostyantin Viktorovich

Fredyuk Sergij Mikolajovich

Kutkovskyy Yakov Petrovich

Ekaterina Berezovskaya

Mangement Board

Kutkovskij Yakov Petrovich

Fredyuk Sergij Mikolajovich

Ohonesian Alona

The Audit Commission

Kharchenko Sergij Mikolajovich

Chubukin Dmytro

Rybalchenko Kostyantin Viktorovich

Disciplinary and refereeing committee

Fredyuk Sergij Mikolajovich

Drandalush Sergij Vasilovich

The Development Committee of children and junior squash and coaching

Rybalchenko Kostyantin Viktorovich

Bulgakov Oleksandr Oleksandrovych

The Committee on the organization of health and fitness and sports activities

Pavlyuk Anna Valeriyivna

The Committee on sponsorship and patronage

Kutkovskij Yakov Petrovich

Unit of the Federation

Ohonesian Alona

Anna Tesleva

Pavlichenko Oksana