Usenko Nadezhda Alexeevna

Date of birth: 29.01.2000

Height: 158 cm


Club/city: 5 element/Kiev

The racket: Karakal

Interests: the study of foreign languages, Physics, literature, Oriental martial arts

Sardak Liana Igorevna

Date of birth: 04.04.1989

Height: 173 cm


Club/city: Kiev Sport Club/Kiev

The racket: Harrow

Interests: self-development in life and sport, artistic and professional literature

Bushma Alina Alexandrovna

Date of birth: 06.12.2000

Height: 164 cm


Club/city: Sport Life / Kiev

The racket: Eye V.Lite 125 Control

Interests: computer games

Kostyukova Anastasia Valentynovna

Date of birth: 04.01.1993

Height: 167 cm


Club/city: Sport Life / Kiev

The racket: Tecnifibre Carboflex 125s

Interests: sports, travels, books and self-improvement

Zhukavets Julia E.

Date of birth: 13.11.2001

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Club/city: Sportlife/Kiev

The racket: Technifibre Carboflex 125S

Interests: travels, films, mathematics


Women's national football team primarily played at the European Nations Cup. And that's before the Championship managed to get only twice. AT 2008 year, the foursome in the face Anastasia and Natalia Spivak, Anastasia Netrebchuk and Nina Taraškevič took nineteenth place, then came a seven-year lull. A year ago an enthusiast of Ukrainian squash Aleksey Usenko in-house assembled a new team, the first violin which featured some of the strongest juniors in Europe Nadezhda Usenko from Alina Bušmoj, assisted by Yulia owl from Liana Sardak. In view of such a long break in the statements, start with gaming accounted for only in the third Division, where in Zagreb our women took bronze medals. And here at the last European Championship in 2015 year play could not-bureaucratic delays in the rules of the tournament our team were not allowed to participate in the tournament, Let until the last we would have expected it to play.


2008 year (19 a place), Amsterdam.

Nina Tarashkevich, Anastasia Spivak, Anastasia Netrebchuk, Natalya Spivak.

2014 year (18 place of 21), Zagreb.

Nadezhda Usenko, Alina Bushma, Liana Sardak, Yulia Pugach.

2015 year (18 place of 23), Ljubljana.

Nadezhda Usenko, Alina Bushma, Liana Sardak, Yulia Pugach.

2016 year (19 place of 24), Bucharest.

Yulia Pugach, Liana Sardak, Anastasiya Fesenko, Yana Kowalska.

2018 year (17 place of 25), Riga.

Nadezhda Usenko, Alina Bushma, Liana Sardak, Anastasia Kostyukova, Yulia Zhukavets.

2019 year (13 place of 28), Birmingham.

Nadezhda Usenko, Alina Bushma, Liana Sardak, Anastasia Kostyukova.


European Team Championship: 2014 year, 2015 year, 2016 year, 2018 year, 2019 year.

Individual European championships: 2014 year, 2015 year, 2016 year, 2019 year.