Building a club

Building a club

We will introduce you to a game called squash and tell you how to open a squash club (playgrounds) and build a profitable business.

What is squash?

Squash is a game sport, not a very distant relative of tennis and badminton. The most important difference is that squash courts are located indoors, as the game requires the presence of the main and three auxiliary walls. The game is structured as follows.

The first player makes a serve. That is, it makes a racket strike on the ball in the direction of the front (front) wall. The goal of the second player is to repel the ball bouncing off the wall. Moreover, a blow is allowed both after one touch of the ball with the floor, and from the summer. The loser is the player who either gets the ball into the out zone or allows the ball to touch the floor several times after bouncing off the wall (various errors can also cause the loss). In simple words - this is a game of tennis with a wall, where players take turns kicking the ball until the first mistake. Each game lasts up to 11 points, except when the score in the game becomes 10-10. In this case, the game continues until the difference in the score reaches two points.

How to open a squash club and make good money on it?

Despite the fact that the number of fans of this unusual game is constantly growing, there are not enough quality sites. In many cities of Ukraine there is not a single full court. Separate sites can be found in large fitness centers, but this is not enough. Players want to attend full-fledged clubs where they can play and chat with like-minded people. So why not think about opening such a club?

Let's take a closer look at what will be needed to organize squash parties, what are the requirements for the premises, how much does the equipment cost and what can be the income of one squash court?

The first thing a business starts with is finding the right room. To do this, you need to know the standards of squash courts. Here are the standard sizes that are used around the world: length 975 cm, width 640 cm, height 564 cm. Out line runs along the front wall at a height of 457 cm from the floor, connected by oblique out lines (angle of 14 degrees) on both side walls with an out line on the back wall located at a height of 213 cm. On the front wall, the supply line is located at a height of 183 cm and the so-called “tin” or “bottom out” height of 43 cm. The width of all lines is 5 cm. Theoretically 4 courts this is a good business, well, much more optimal 6+ courts. For such an investment you need about 1000 m? and 6 m in height, and also parking for 20 cars. It turns out an area of ​​about 1300 m ?.


These are the necessary conditions for arranging a full-fledged standard site. Finding a room of the required area is quite easy. The only difficulty may appear due to a rather high height (after all, it is about 2 times higher than the standard height of the premises).

Squash court as a business

Naturally, the number of playgrounds depends on the following factors: the population of the city, the percentage of citizens who are interested in sports (ideally tennis and squash), etc. It is best to conduct a sociological survey before the opening in order to find out the necessary numbers. Otherwise, it may turn out that you will open 2-3 courts, and there will be many more willing. Or vice versa - the number of applicants will be much less than you can serve. Business should be conducted profitably, but do not forget about the convenience of the client (making players wait is not a good tone).

The question about the cost of a court is most often asked by customers. The answer to it is always the same: it depends on a number of factors! As with building a house, the total cost of a court is determined by various costly components. There are also factors that distinguish a mediocre court from a good and excellent one.

What factors determine the total cost of a court?

There are four main such factors:

- The type of building in which the court (s) will be placed;

- Location of the object (building);

- The number of courts;

- Specifications.

We present to your attention the most famous squash court manufacturers:

Courtmag (Ukraine) - $ 28,000 - $ 41,000. Their projects: squash court for clubs “Flex”, “5element” (courts are located on the 1st floor of the club), “Olympia Sport”.


Cпортком (Ukraine) - $ 25,000 - $ 30,000. Their projects: squash court for clubs "5element" (courts are located on the 2nd floor of the club), FC "Tetra", "Crystal".


Courttech (Germany) - Their projects: squash court for clubs in Ukraine “Sport Life” Protasov Yar, also courts in Australia, USA, Europe, South America, etc.


DSM (Ukraine) - $ 18,000. Their projects: squash court for clubs in the Dnieper.

ASB court tech (Germany) - 25 000 - 40 000 €. Their projects: squash court for RC clubs in St. Petersburg, Dwor Kresowy in Poland, McArthur Squash Center in the USA, etc.


McWil (USA) - Their projects: squash court for “Grand Prix” (Kiev), “Olympia Village” (Kiev), Bates College in Louston, Windy City Open in Chicago, National Squash Academy in Toronto, etc.


BFC Construction (Ukraine) - $ 18,000 - $ 40,000. Their projects: Sport Life Kiev, Teremki - 6 courts, Sport Life Kiev, Poznyaki - 3 courts, Sport Life Kiev, Troyeshchina - 3 courts, Sport Life Kiev, Kurenevka - 2 courts, Sport Life Lviv, Heroes of UPA - 2 courts, Sport Life Odessa - 3 courts, Squash Club South Lviv, - 2 courts, Sport Life Dnipro Glory Square - 2 courts, Sport Life Lviv “Spartak” - 3 courts, Sport Life Poltava - 2 courts, Sport Life Kiev “Dream Town” - 2 court.

In conclusion, we note that each project should be evaluated separately to determine the exact price for the court.

In addition, rackets, shoes, balls are needed. All this can be purchased at specialized squash stores. At the prices. A good racket costs on average from 700-5000 UAH. The cost of the ball depending on the destination (the balls vary according to the point system - 1 red, 2 yellow, 1 yellow, etc.) - from 70 to 100 UAH. Sneakers for this game cost from 800-4000 UAH. Headband - 100 - 200 UAH. Squash points - 400 UAH. You can offer equipment for rent or sell everything you need.

The next moment is the trainers. Indeed, not every resident of your city is familiar with squash. Moreover, many have never even heard this name. They need to be interested, attracted to your club and, of course, taught to play. And the better they succeed, the more interesting they will be. And this is the main factor for regular visits to your squash club. It’s not easy to find coaches, especially in cities where they still don’t know about this game. But worth the effort. As an option - join a club (maybe even go to another city for the duration of the training), take lessons from professionals, then come and organize your own club. All this requires time, effort, large financial investments. But business is never easy. One must always sacrifice something in order to receive something in return.

Profit on opening squash court

Squash court, as a business idea, is not only good in itself, but also pays off pretty quickly, with the right approach to the organization. What will be the costs of creating a club? The main expenses will be in terms of the construction of the court, if necessary, and the equipment of the premises. Additional costs will be leased - $ 5,000, if we have our own building - we do not pay rent, employee salaries - $ 2,500, utilities - $ 2,200 and the purchase of ammunition. However, at the same time it will be possible to make money on retail by buying it from official distributors.

To earn, in addition to providing services for using the court, the cost, which is about 150 UAH per hour, will be possible on the following things:

Firstly, this is a training game, which is now in demand, since most of the population does not know about such a game at all. In this way, interest in squash can be fueled. Training with a trainer costs an average of about 250 UAH per hour. The maximum turnover from one court per hour is 400 UAH (approximate prices). With the club’s working mode at 16 hours (from 07.00 to 23.00) and with an average workload of 10 hours, 4,000 UAH, or 120,000 UAH per month, is released. Naturally, this is perfect. In reality, everything is not so beautiful. Though…. Do not forget that we took into account one squash court. You may have 2, 3, 4, 10. These figures allow you to evaluate the possibilities of organizing such a business.

Secondly, this is the sale of ammunition, as already mentioned. Here the income will vary depending on the purchase needs.

Thirdly, this is the holding of various kinds of competitions, both urban and regional, which will not only be an additional income, but also an advertising company.

And finally, you can earn on the training of squash trainers. The tuition fee is set independently.

You can also attract people with a system of discounts for regular visitors. For example, every fifth hour of the game at a discount, in the region of 10-20%. Naturally, the essence of the system and the size of discounts should be set depending on the income received.

Opening a squash court will require a fairly large investment, however, with the right business strategy, all the initial costs will pay off pretty quickly. In addition, with increasing popularity in the city of squash, incomes will also grow, which will expand in other directions, including opening clubs in other cities and regions.

The most interesting and unusual squash courts:

1. Grand Central Squash Court, USA

Grand Central Terminal (Grand Central Terminal) is an internal (former intercity) train station located in downtown Manhattan at the intersection of 42nd Street and Park Avenue, in New York, USA. This most famous train station in the world was also the venue for squash tournaments. The tournament was held by the International Squash Federation (World Squash Federation) to promote this sport.

2. The ancient fun of the English schoolchildren - squash - gained loyal fans in Egypt. The Egyptians themselves play great and love to watch the game of others.

3. It turns out the squash court was on the world famous Titanic !!! The court was on deck F. To use it, you had to buy a ticket, you could also pay for the services of a professional squash coach (they cost 50 cents for half an hour, while going to the pool cost $ 1). You could also rent balls and a racket or even purchase them for personal use. It was possible to take a court only about 1 hour. Wishing there was more than enough. A place was allocated for spectators on the court, they were separated from the court by wire mesh, in a niche like a balcony. The walls were steel. Veitchi flooring was on the floor.

Useful information:

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