Exercise №1

Exercise with coordination ladder. Like many on exercise equipment, here is more important to properly perform, rather than execution speed. Exercise aimed at improving coordination and foot speed, art movements and balance. We look at the coach and repeat.

Exercise №2

Exercise with low cones and balls. This exercise develops qualities such as coordination, equilibrium, execution of precise movements and agility. It is important to perform the exercises in a technically correct, paying attention to your posture and the correct position of the hands and feet, I am trying to fulfill all the most rapid pace.

Exercise №3

Exercises using leash damper. This allows to work exercise movement on the court with the additional resistance, that allows you to develop explosive power and strength endurance. Thereby uvelichivach speed of movement on the court. Remkomenduem perform exercises at a time. By 30 s load, 30 s rest, gradually increasing the time under load and decrease rest between series.

Exercise №4

An exercise with skakalkoй. Jumping rope is trained endurance, improve the coordination of movements and muscular and reinforce cardiovascular system. It is recommended first to jump on both legs, for those on each foot alternately, make advance / reverse and change the trajectory of motion.

    1. Exercises and games for education of physical qualities skvoshistov (for all age groups).
    2. Exercises for training speed-strength.
    3. Exercises for training speed qualities.
    4. Exercises for the education coordination abilities.
    5. Exercises for flexibility training.
    6. Exercises for endurance training.

    In work with children should not be used only obschepodgotovitelnye or specially-preparatory funds, because classes should not be monotonous and monotonous. This is the reason for the education of physical qualities are very effective outdoor games and relay races.

    The following outdoor games contribute to the improvement of the physical qualities of a preferential direction on any of them.

    1. Games, mainly aimed at the education of power abilities.
    2. Games, mainly aimed at training high-speed abilities.
    3. Games, mainly aimed at education coordination abilities.
    4. Games, mainly aimed at raising flexibility.
    5. Games, mainly aimed at the education of endurance.

    Exercises for the education of physical qualities skvoshistov (for all age groups).

    At these stages of preparation generally performed exercises:

    • with the weights own body weight;
    • with dumbbells up 0,5 kg;
    • with padded balls up 1 kg etc.;
    • with rubber bandages (shock absorbers).

    Exercises with overcoming their own weight:

    • squatting on two legs at a different position of the feet: feet together, heels together – toes apart, feet shoulder width apart, etc.;
    • squats on one leg;
    • springy rocking into a lunge with the change of feet – in front of the left-hand, the right;
    • while in poluprisede, legs wide apart – transfer weight from left foot to the right;
    • push-ups from the bench, from the floor, feet on the floor, on the bench;
    • pull, climbing rope, sixth;
    • leg raise in the prone position, on the back;
    • raise torso lying on his stomach, on the back;
    • from the supine position, legs bent – raise torso and elbow knee skrestnye dostavanie;
    • simultaneously raise legs and torso lying on his stomach, on the back;

    Exercises with padded balls (weight up 1 kg):

    • throws the ball in both hands (one) because of the head;
    • the right side with the left foot step forward;
    • on the left side with a step right foot forward, from below.

    Exercise with dumbbells (weight up 0,5 kg):

    • circles with your arms simultaneously forward and upward, back-up;
    • circles with your arms in different directions – one forward and upward, another back-up, and vice versa;
    • from different positions hands forward, hands to the side, palms from dumbbells up – flexion and
    • extension arms; rotation, curling, brush retraction.

    Exercises with rubber bandages (shock absorbers), one end of which is fastened


    • person to a place of attachment to pull the loose end for itself the right, the left hand;
    • standing right side (the left) pull straight right hand (then left) forward left (forward right);
    • right hand (then left) pull down to the thigh;
    • standing left side (then right) lower right (the left) hands down, pull to the right hand (to the left);
    • standing face – take the end of the wrap two arms outstretched, raise the arms straight up;
    • his back – take the end of the bandage raised and bent at the elbow, right (the left) hand, straighten
    • hand up forward.

    Exercises for training speed-strength:

    • jumping: on the spot, apart, back and forth, by stick, two held parallel to the line, through bench;
    • on the bench, the bench on two legs, on each foot alternately;
    • mnogoskoki on two legs, his feet, at every turn;
    • with skakalkoй: on two feet, on one, alternately, poluprisede in conventional jumping, with a jump on each rotation, between rotations do doskok, do two rotations on one jump, etc., rope and rotate back and forth.
    • Throwing small weights to a range of both hands, right, Left from different positions – from above, laterally, from below. Perform shots standing, sitting, standing on one knee, and the like.

    It is also advisable to use mobile game with strong force stresses the dynamic nature.

    Exercises for training speed qualities

    reaction speed:

    • fishing or fighting off the hands of the ball (volleyball, basketball, tennis), sent to partner with different force, different distances;
    • catching or hitting the ball in the defense of "gate" sent by the partner, one of two or three partners, delavshyh attempt;
    • ball catch, abandoned partner from behind the player in an unknown direction after the first bounce;
    • ball catch, thrown from behind the player in wall, after first bounce from the floor, immediately after hitting the wall, etc..

    step frequency:

    • running in place = 10;
    • running in place with the support arms on the high bench;
    • jogging 3, 6, 10, 15 t;
    • run down the inclined plane;
    • semenyashtiy bag;
    • frequent shuffling feet, sitting on a high chair.

    movement start speed and speed set speed:

    • jogging 3, 6, 10, 20, 30, 60t;
    • -jerks at intervals of 3 to 20 m of the various provisions (standing sideways, back in the direction of; sitting, lying in different positions), – Running reversal (Zigzag);
    • 2-3 jump on the spot and sprint.

    the children's Ute exercises are possible on the court type:

    • standing on the left (law) playground corner to try to catch up and hit the ball, sent right crosscourt (to the left);
    • standing on the left (law) playground corner to try to hit the ball, sent right crosscourt (to the left), and then shortened to the left (to the right);
    • standing in the center of the back line to catch up with a shortened, sent to the left or right, etc..

    Exercises for the education coordination abilities

    • from the stop squatting, alternately moving the arm, come into abutment lying, and then back to the starting position;
    • from the stop squatting, straightening, falling forward at point blank range while lying on bent arms, However, forward-right; Forward-left, other assumptions;
    • from the rack on his knees, arms down, slightly crouching, spring to one's feet, However, with the racket and then fast forward, towards etc.;
    • fall on the diagonal – Forward-right, forward-left first on improved support of 3-4 matt, then reducing the support and perform the racket in his hand;
    • roll forward, ago, apart;
    • forward roll – jump up or "kangaroo" or other forward roll; forward roll
    • jump upwardly rotated 360 ° through the left, the right shoulder, forward roll.

    Similarly, do the exercises at the back somersault;

    • right "wheel", to the left;
    • 2 jump upward rotated by 360 ° in different directions, leap forward;
    • different jumps (podbivaniem ball with his hand to the floor, racket, two hands, two rackets) on the spot; one left (to the right), two right (to the left); on the bench, the bench;
    • moving forward and jumping over an obstacle, etc.;
    • catching a ball off the wall after squatting, rotation, jump up and rotated through 360 °, etc.;
    • shooting the ball into the goal with dramatically different distances;
    • juggling balls, different subjects, different size and weight, standing still, to move forward, ago, apart (ladders, steps can be) etc.;
    • podbivaniya various different sides of the ball racket strung surface, in different combinations, with different rotations;
    • jumping rope with a change in the rotation direction of the rope, with different staging leg at landing and the like.

    Exercises for flexibility training

    • general developmental exercises with a wide range of motion – mahi hands, -Forward legs-up, in side-up;
    • tilts forward, apart, backwards from different starting positions – feet together, wider shoulders, one to the other, etc.;
    • twists, tilting and rotating the head;
    • the slopes, turns and circular movements torso, in supine leg raise his head (These exercises can be performed actively and passively);
    • exercises with a stick: the slopes, torso twists -ruki in a different position (at the bottom, up, ahead, per head, behind the back); wiles; pereshagivaniya and jumping over a stick;
    • pull the left (right) legs, ankle to the buttocks. bent left (right) leg at the knee joint to pull knee to the chest, wrapped around the lower leg;
    • he raised his right (the left) hand up, the left (right) bend down and, taking hand "in lock" on his back, – pull;
    • all sorts of gymnastic exercises on the bench, wall, lying on the floor.

    Exercises for endurance training

    • jogging uniform and variable;
    • skiing, skating and cycling, swimming;
    • sport games (modified): basketball, football, handball;
    • training games on the court with special tasks.

    When education endurance advisable to use circular training options. exercise options for the disc.

    option number 1

    1.Jumping to the bench, followed by jumping off fast.

    2.Jumping "kangaroo".

    3.From a prone position on his stomach – hands up, cave.

    4.From a prone position on his back at the same time to raise the legs and torso.

    5.Sitting on the bench, holding her hands, raise and lower straight legs, do not touch the floor.

    6.From a standing position to throw the medicine ball (0,5 kg) up, take a seat, get up and catch the ball.


    8.From the position of your hand in hand, medicine ball (0,5 kg) in his left hand. Throw the ball over your head in the right hand and vice versa.

    9.From the supine position, hands with a stuffed ball (0,5-1 kg) outstretched, to quickly raise and lower the arm to the starting position.

    option number 2

    1.Emphasis crouching-lying abutment-stop crouching followed up jumping out.

    2.Vprygivanie on gymnastic bench and dismount on two legs (separately on the right and left leg).

    3.Jumps up raising the knees high.

    4.Jumping from side to side.

    5.Simultaneous leg lifts, and torso from a prone position on his stomach.

    6.The rotation of the legs in the supine position.

    7.lifting legs in the supine position (in the vise on the bar or gym wall).

    8.Repulsion from the wall with both hands.

    9.Push hands from the floor, legs can be a gymnastic bench.

    option number 3

    1.Jumping in hand with simulated attacks on the right and left in the summer.

    2.Running facing forward 10 m with a return back backwards.

    3.Running facing forward 4-5 m otbeganiem back and then upward jumping out.

    4.Running Side-step right-left side on 8-10 t.

    5.Beg "lezginka". When running to the left (Directly, forward) right (the left) foot is placed in front of the left (right), behind her.

    6.Jumping into poluprisede.

    7.Simultaneously raise legs and torso from a prone position on his stomach.

    8.Simultaneously raise legs and torso of the supine position.

    9.Forward Bend to touch the floor with his hands and followed by rapid back bend and touch his hands heels.

    Games, mainly aimed at the education of power abilities

    • tug an opponent: Three parallel lines at a distance 3 m one of the other features on the site. On the central line from different sides, two participants approach, hold hands. For each team tries to drag his opponent over the line, located behind him. wins the, who will be able to do it. tug of time can be limited.
    • challenges: Stand up against each other, legs spread shoulder width. Stretch out their right hands to each other, joining them from the elbow to the palm of your hand. At the command of your right hand to try to take the opponent's hand to the side in order, to force him to leave the place or lower arm. The same run left hands.
    • Fighting in the chain: Three parallel lines at a distance 3 m one of the other features on the site. The players are divided into two teams and stand face to one extreme to the other lines. According to the team converge pia average dash and, without turning, line up in one line so , each team playing one occupies a place between the two teams play each. The players take each other by the arms. At the signal, the struggle begins: Each team tries to win over opponents of the extreme line, where they stood before. The winning team, which manages to do it. If during a fight would break the chain, then both parties, committed the gap, out of the game.
    • Drag the enemy: Hold on the ground straight line in four steps long. Two players stand on her face each other in such a way, to toes of their right feet touching. Left feet away for a step back, and the left hand put on hip. Right hands connect, like a handshake. At the signal, each begins to pull dealing with the "enemy" to him, to the side. win the, who force others off the ground left foot or move it features. Can be applied to a game, as "Roosters" (cm. "Coordination abilities" section).
    • Swing: Becoming a back to back, take each other by hand. bowing forward, you need to tear off an opponent from the ground. win the, who will be able to do it. Take a thick stick and stand back to back. Raise your hands up, grab the stick. bend over, you need to tear off an opponent from the ground. The loser is the one, who tear the legs off the ground, or release the stick.

    Games, mainly aimed at training high-speed abilities

    • Intelligence service: Draw a circle with a diameter 2 t. In the center of the circle to put a volleyball. All players are divided into two teams – "Scouts" and "time". The guys from the team "intelligence" should try to bring the ball out of the circle, of the "time" command – not to make the ball, osaliv "scout", until he came out with a ball over the circle. The ball simultaneously cause a player from each team. "The Scout", diverting "hour" implementation of the various movements (squat, jumping, twists, mahi feet or hands etc.), that "hour" is obliged to repeat, I should grab the ball and bring it outside the circle. "All" should have time osalit "scout", while he is still in the circle.
    • Defense: Draw two steps circle diameter. In the center of the circle put the mace. Around the circle gets defender. The rest of the players stand around a circle on the outstretched arm. Standing in a circle being moved between a ball. At a convenient time, each of the players can throw the ball into the mace, to bring down its. Defender returns the ball in any way, not hitting, but, foot on it. the, who will be able to bring down the mace, He becomes the protector. Previous quarterback goes in his place.
    • runners: The game is played on a half court. All involved are divided into two teams. One team – "Runners", other – "Catchers". "Hunters" are located along one of the side lines. "Runners" – inside the area. According to the "runners" on the site team diverge. Simultaneously, the platform runs in the first of the "catchers", osalit who is trying as much as possible "runners". They, in its turn , trying to dodge him . Across 10 from (15 from) hear a whistle, interrupts the game. "Catcher" returns to his rank. Fixed number of them osalennyh. Then re-distributed team and runs the following "catcher". Pobedyt the team, which osalit greater number of "runners". When dealing with a small number in the group each in turn becomes a "fisher". Then count the number of working, osalennyh each. He wins the "catcher", who osalit greater number of "runners". Variants of the game: "Catcher" jumping on the left leg, then on the right.
    • Salki: On one side of the room engaged in different directions. The leader starts by a signal in a preselected direction, trying osalit someone from playing. playing flee, trying not to give himself up to touch. Osalenny becomes tive and the game continues.
    • Crows and sparrows: Draw two parallel lines in three steps from one another. Stepping back from them in both sides of 20 -25 steps, hold the Line. The players are divided into two teams: one of them – "The Raven", other – "Sparrows", and are located on the middle lines back to back. Presenter speaks loudly: «Vorona-a!"Or" Voro Bay!», pronouncing the last syllable abruptly and pausing in front of him. named team (or a player), turning 180 °, persecutes opponents, the other team runs to the farthest boundaries, located in front of her. Necessary "osalit" before runaway, than those made features. Note. Each team may be one person.
    • relay: Involved are divided into 2-3 commands, at least two people in each. Commands are arranged behind the rear line. 1. The first number of the signal to run the supply line, touch her hand and face forward at top speed back back. Once a player crosses the back line, starts the next member of the team . 2.The first room to run the grid facing forward, touch it with his hand and go back backwards, running start following numbers. 3.The first numbers are fleeing to the grid from a seated position (you can come up with any original position ), touch it and go back jumps on the left leg (next: on the right foot, Side steps right side, Side steps left side, etc.), running from the same starting position start to the following numbers.