Zenit Black Sea Open 2021: tournament results

Zenit Black Sea Open 2021: tournament results

The largest tournament in Ukraine finished exactly 7 days ago! For the 11th year in a row, the international squash tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2021 is being held in Odessa.

And while your emotions have not subsided yet, let's talk about everyone, without whom this tournament would not be so bright.

Representatives of England, Germany, USA, Wales, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Belarus, Australia, Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnieper Poltava, Kherson and Lvov came to South Palmyra.

More than 150 people from 10 countries competed in 8 categories and an absolute record was set in Ukraine for the number of squash players in one grid. Namely, 64 players played in the “Amateur” male category. Bravo Zenit Black Sea 2021.

And, before moving on to the winners, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all sponsors and partners of Zenit Black Sea Open:

  • The main organizer and fitness partner of the event was traditionally the national network of fitness clubs N1 "Sport Life"
  • The general partner of the tournament was the premium network of SOCAR filling stations https://socar.ua/
  • The competition was co-organized by MaxEvents represented by Maxim Urakin
  • Low bow to the irreplaceable title partner of the tournament, represented by the Pogrebnyakov family
  • Thanks to the enormous company "SOLARIS-AGROLUX" in the person of Ilya Shlayer for financial assistance in organizing the tournament
  • Many thanks to the trademarks "TECNIFIBRE" https://tecnifibre.kiev.ua/ represented by Dmitry Shcherbakov and the company "REIMA" https://reimashop.com.ua/ represented by Alexey Baryshnikov for providing gifts
  • Thank you to our alcoholic partners of the party, the brand “SHABO” http://shabo.ua/ and “Thermo-Pub” https://termopab.com/index.php?route=common/home represented by Alexander Batashov
  • Thank you very much to the companies "ADONIS" https://adonis.com.ua/ and USPA https://east-fruit.com/ for the partnership and the provision of gift certificates
  • And of course, many thanks again to the main organizer club - the Sport Life fitness center chain. For the 11th year in a row, Sport Life has certainly hosted the legendary Zenit Black Sea Open squash tournament.
  • Thanks to the Squash Federation of Ukraine represented by Ogonesyan Alena
  • The party and the award ceremony took place in the wonderful restaurant "Premier Hotel Odessa" https://odesa-hotel.phnr.com/ru
  • We thank the host Vyacheslav Savelov for a SUPER cool evening and vivid emotions
  • Thanks a lot to Sergey Dakhovnik and Alexander Shobik for excellent refereeing
  • A tremendous salvation to people, without whom this squash championship would not have been so sporting and large-scale. We thank the entire organizing committee of the tournament represented by Yuri Maltsev, Alexander Kostevich and Irina Yakovenko
  • Thanks to the company "Interfax-Ukraine" https://interfax.com.ua/ for mega help in covering the tournament

All good luck and see you in a year at the 12th Zenit Black Sea Open tournament 2022!

Winners of the International squash tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2021:

PRO category men

1 Ahmed Muhamed (Egypt)

2 Clegg David (Australia)

3 Shcherbakov Dmitry ml (Ukraine)

PRO category women

1 Anastasia Kostyukova (Ukraine)

2 Zrazhevskaya Sofia (Ukraine)

3 Khmelevskaya Olga (Belarus)

Category Lovers men

1 Alekseenko Alexey (Ukraine)

2 Jack Lake (England)

3 Popko Evgeniy (Ukraine)

Category 40+

1 Rybalchenko Konstantin (Ukraine)

2 Zheludkov Timofey (Ukraine)

3 Thornton Ben (England)

Category 45 +

1 Kovalchuk Victor (Ukraine)

2 Kostevich Alexander (Ukraine)

3 Baluta Dmitry (Ukraine)

Category Lovers women

1 Zadorozhna Olga (Ukraine)

2 Batrshina Maryana (Ukraine)

3 Khomovskaya Valentina (Ukraine)

Category BU-15

1 Shkarupilo Roman (Ukraine)

2 Panchenko Artem (Ukraine)

3 Kurilyak Danilo (Ukraine)

Category GU-15

1 Krikun Anastasia (Ukraine)

2 Suprun Elizaveta (Ukraine)

3 Begeba Christina (Ukraine)

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