We fall in love with squash together with Tymofiy Zheludkov

We fall in love with squash together with Tymofiy Zheludkov

"The coach has to fall in love with the subject, the squash, in the end. It is impossible to fall in love with something, but you can fall in love with it by your example, by your passion ”- what other useful advice will we hear? Tymofiy Zheludkov spoke about what motivates him and how he got into squash, how the children's squash academy changed and about the fragility of the relationship between the coach and the child.

- How did your acquaintance with squash begin?

- From bowling. I came to Element 5 as a football coach. I am a football player, I played professionally for 13 years. The vacancy for a football coach was occupied at that time, so I went for what was available. A vacancy for a bowling instructor was opened. Settled there, and there already thought there might be a vacancy or something. Later, thanks to Serhiy Drandalush (manager of playing sports), two squash courts were built on top, which are no longer there. One day I was invited by an administrator who worked there to play. I agreed and immediately won. He was not a coach or an athlete. He played, but he was more responsible for administrative work, booking courts, meeting guests, and I am an athlete in the past, so I had certain advantages. In addition, I used to play badminton, big and table tennis, thanks to which, by the way, I play drops well, I had the same feeling of the ball, and there was enough stupidity and physics from football. I just ran over it. Then he called the second administrator - beat him, and then came the coach Vadim Gusarov, who at that time was just starting. They argued with me on fresh, so I already had two. Of course, I understood that I would not win against him and we bet that I would score 9 points in 3 games. So, I had to take 3 in each. Already in the 2nd game I did it and won three fresh juices. And then came Artem Shandybin, at that time he was in the top three of Ukraine. We didn't play fresh with him anymore - it would be without a chance (laughs). He really only showed me the basics of the technique.

- If parents send their child to tennis and squash, will it help or hinder in terms of technology?

- If you master the technique, then of course it will not be very good. After all, there is one technique, and here another. If you take small children, 4-5 years old, who do not have squash yet - they have games around squash, they get acquainted with the court, racket, ball. It doesn't matter if it's tennis, squash or badminton, the only nuance is that there is a ruffle in badminton.

IMG 4919- How did your previous sports experience on the court help you?

- It is easiest for badminton players and tennis players to go to squash, because they already have the feeling of a racket and a ball. Football gave me physical and mental training. He is already a professional athlete, he knows how to accept defeats, sports anger is developed, roughly speaking, and beginners must first be mentally trained.

- Why do you think more and more people join the squash?

- It is dynamic. Many people come to squash to lose weight. Although this is not entirely true. Squash by itself will not burn extra pounds, unlike the excitement during the game, which gives you energy. When you play, you can easily burn calories without even thinking about it, because all your attention is focused on the desire to hit the ball. Unlike just running on a treadmill or doing something in a gym that requires a lot of endurance. Also, many are attracted by the novelty. What attracted me was that at the age when I started, and I was already 30, I had a good chance of success. After all, the niche is not occupied. And if in football there was nothing for me, as well as in tennis, due to a lot of competition, then in squash I quickly started playing in the Pro category and entered the TOP-5 of Ukraine.

- You have been training for 11 years, what part of your job is your favorite?

- Yes, I started training a year later, when I met squash. It is important for me to enjoy the process. If my players succeed - my work was not in vain. I am very pleased. First of all, I have to have fun here and now. It is easier with children in this sense.

- "Why?"

- It was always easy for me to communicate with children, to find a common language with them. They are open. If you are sincere with them, they will be sincere with you. Adults already have many of their patterns, rails. You can also find a common language with them, but with children it is a real thrill.

- Tell us a little about the children's squash academy at Sport Life Poznyaki.

- When I came, the academy already existed, it was created by Denis Raitarovsky and Denis Simonov. I combined work in Pozniaky and in a club in Protasov Yar, where I ran a children's squash academy for a long time. Later, Denis invited me to lead the academy in Pozniaky. It all started with Petroholding, where Denis came as a beginner. Then it went. Denis later left, but the academy remained.

IMG 4920- Where did the name Gecko squash academy come from?

- This idea came from Sasha Bilous and Denis Raitarovsky, so it is better to ask them why they chose such a name. As far as I can remember from the stories of Sasha and Denis, Geko is a cartoon character, a boy who turns into a gecko lizard. This is a good name, because a gecko is a very fast lizard that can run on the ceiling, walls, anywhere. At first it was the name of a series of children's tournaments, and then it was decided to name the academy.

- Why did you decide to invite Vyacheslav Savelov to your team?

- We knew Slava as a positive, good person. More Sasha, of course, saw how he trains, and I as he communicates, finds common ground with children not only on the court, but also abroad before that he went several times with our children, abroad for tournaments, in addition to Vienna .

- What is the place of friendship between a coach and a child in the training process?

- There are different training styles. The first - always keeps his distance. The coach is always above the student. The other extreme is when the coach goes down to their level. It is also, not very useful, you need to be able to balance between these extremes. Be able to go down when you need to and make it clear that the coach is the head and you should listen to him, otherwise they will climb on your head.

IMG 4917- Does the coach have to accompany the junior to tournaments?

- Ideally, the coach, but better coaches should accompany their wards. After all, the games can take place on two courts at the same time, and both players will need support. In adult squash yes, in children's even more so. For them, support is much more important than for experienced athletes, although they also need it. But everyone, even me, sometimes lacks support on the court when I play. I am rarely seconded (suggests that it is better to play with a certain opponent). To support it is one thing, and to second, to instruct another. In fact, even just come and say "Come on, come on!", "You can do anything!" It's enough. Many are afraid to say something wrong. Believe me, an experienced athlete will decide for himself, and support will help him. There are unique things that "everyone, leave me alone", this also happens (laughs).

- How did the academy change after the coaching changes?

- For the most part, any appearance of a new person is a new look, it usually gives something. Hassan came - Egypt, the Egyptian school. There were hopes that he would give a new impetus to the academy, which he did only by his presence. When the coach leaves the project it comes back. After all, children get used to it, cling to coaches. To some more, to some less, but in any case for them changing coaches is stressful. There is a rule that the coach must fall in love with the subject, the squash, in the end. It is impossible to fall in love with a person simply, but you can fall in love with your example, your passion. If you are in this love and you are pulled out of it, you first feel discomfort. Many people came out of it for a long time when Denis left. They knew him for a long time, they were attached to him - they are children.

- And it is not too easy for adults to change coaches. I don't seem to be a child, but it took about six months between coaches before I returned to personal training with a new coach.

- It was easier for me in this sense, because I didn't have my own coach. When I came to squash, no one trained me and I did not have such training. I played, Artem showed me a few basic shots, it took him 10 minutes. Only when he came to Petroholding, then the training began. But I didn't have my own coach, again, I studied with everyone little by little. For me, this was a common thing, because in football, coaches were constantly changing when moving from one team to another. In squash it is very important to have your own coach. For the children of the coach, these are favorite people. Instill a love of work, and children will learn on their own. Even when a person in squash is not very smart but loves children and children love him, he will be able to make them fall in love with the game, and then they will learn on their own. It doesn't matter with this coach or another, but they will stay in squash and develop due to this love.

- What is each of the coaches of the academy responsible for?

- There is no division as such. Sasha used to run a fitness program more, now more or less equally. She is constantly in it, so this part is still more of her, because she still conducts functional training separately. When we recently went to Egypt, I did morning fitness, and later, together with Konstantin Rybalchenko, we did a squash part on the court. When the academy started, each coach had his own group for six months, the groups were divided according to the level of the game. Then we changed. It's like with your child, you tell him - you say, he no longer perceives you, because he is already used to your voice, intonations - another will come and say the same thing but in a different way, he will listen. Assignment to the group should be, it is the responsibility for the result, but from time to time it is useful to rotate.

- Tell some funny stories from training.

- It is difficult to single out one thing, the moments from joint trips are mentioned more. I try to find these moments in every workout. I remember how the girl hit me in the eye with a mat. It seemed that could happen? She did an exercise on her stomach, took it, waved it like a flag. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I remember it (laughs), I didn't have much fun, but I remembered it for a long time. Children are sometimes dangerous.

- Children in combination with a racket and a ball are generally dangerous.

- Yes, rackets sometimes fly. They do not just throw them, but they take off and fly in an incomprehensible direction.

- What is the significance of the academy for you?

- This is my life.

- What are the main values ​​of the academy?

- Teamwork - one for all and all for one. The support that the academy in Pozniaky initially lacked when it first started. Teremki already had this cult of support, when everyone cares for each other. It was felt that the support and their courts (most of the tournaments took place on the courts of Teremkiv) help them a lot. This was later transferred to Pozniaky, so the academy began to win and raise champions. The academy is a family, wherever we go we try to involve parents.

- Squash, in general, can be called a family sport, in a sense.

- Mafia-mafia (laughs). All right. Again, we return to the question of love, if you fall in love with the sport of one - others will catch up.

- I have everything, thank you for your time!

- Thanks!

To be continued…..

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