What was 2020 for squash in Ukraine

What was 2020 for squash in Ukraine

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Summing up the results of 2020, which has ended, it should be admitted that it has become a year of complex global challenges and, at the same time, development. This year has affected all areas, including those that could be called antifragile in relation to quarantine restrictions. Squash is a sport in which two players play a ball with each other, surrounded by four walls, on a 64m2 court. Here's how this year was for squash.

1. Professional squash

Despite the pandemic and its aftermath, out of more than 80 scheduled tournaments in Ukraine, 37 were held, others, including the 2020 Ukrainian Junior Open Championship, the Ukrainian Junior Championship and the Ukrainian Cup for Seniors, were canceled.

2. Amateur squash

As a result of the work of the FSU, the growth of the amateur squash team was almost 20% of the number of new players who began to participate in tournaments this year.
The expansion of the squash base is the most active in Kiev - two new courts have appeared in Obolon and three in Poznyaki. The Ukrainian Squash Federation expects that there will be more opportunities for squashers in other regions next year.

In 2020, the coaching staff was also strengthened: now it consists of 76 licensed coaches (level 1-25), (level 2-12), (level 3-2).

3. Development of squash

Due to the restrictions on the holding of tournaments, the Ukrainian Squash Federation focused on promoting squash, creating new opportunities for the game and strengthening the composition of players and coaches, and forming new partnerships.

Currently, active work is underway to create a mobile application "Squash Family", which will run a loyalty program, implemented in cooperation with our partners.

The Squash Federation of Ukraine, together with Ukrainian squash players, is making a lot of efforts to launch a new impetus for the development of squash in Ukraine, popularize the game, attract new players and coaches, and strengthen the position of our squash in the international arena. We are still lagging behind the leading states in this sport, but we have positive dynamics, a development strategy and a vision of how to become the world leader in squash over the next 5 years.

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