How was the conference in Zoom on the development of children's squash

How was the conference in Zoom on the development of children's squash

Only an hour and a half and a sea of ​​useful information and topics for reflection were given to the coaches by the speakers of the meeting, the captain and head coach of the National Team Konstantin Rybalchenko (Level 3), the coach of the National Team Alexander Bulgakov (Level 2) and Vice President of the Squash Federation of Ukraine Alena Ogonesyan. We also talked about the ways of developing children's squash and the problems faced by coaches, options for budget advertising and why to perceive a client as a “project” and work better together.

Alexander Bulgakov: Children are stability. M1, M2 organize and begin to teach each other themselves, at a certain moment they no longer need a coach - they need a fan. It is worth sharing who came for what. Your child's vision and what the parent's goal is.

Konstantin Rybalchenko: The sports section has access to the reserve of the National team, it flows into participation in the meeting of the national team and the membership of the National team at the European Championships.

Alena Ogonesyan: In our turn, together with the regional children's academies, we plan to hold preparatory tournaments for the Cup of Ukraine among juniors, which will be held monthly and quarterly in each city.

As Alexander said, it is desirable that each club has its own champion, because then the children will have a real live, understandable example of the fact that from 0, you can grow to the Champion of Ukraine. They will have someone to look up to.

The conference listeners received these and many more useful advice from the leading trainers of Ukraine.

Thanks to Alena Ogonesyan for organizing, Konstantin Rybalchenko and Alexander Bulgakov for useful advice, and to all conference participants for their time.

We got our dose of inspiration, so we look forward to the next meeting.

@Oksana Gerasimenko

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