The impact of weekend quarantine on sports

The impact of weekend quarantine on sports

Ukrainian Squash Federation on the Internet portals and We thank the media for covering the squash in the media.

Alyona Ohonesyan, Vice President of the Squash Federation of Ukraine, said that they are ready to continue to create all conditions for safe training and competitions - after all, they themselves are primarily interested in their athletes, coaches, judges, fans not exposed to danger.

We are ready for this even in conditions when FSU does not have its own training bases yet, so we depend on sports facilities where there are squash courts. But for now we are forced to cancel both training and competitions - due to quarantine restrictions - for example, the Ukrainian Squash Championship among juniors and the Ukrainian Squash Cup among adults are under threat, - explains Ogonesyan.

She added that since the beginning of the pandemic, 9 tournaments, 1 international junior tournament, which were part of the federation's calendar and trips of three teams to the European Championships (men, women, juniors), and three more Ukrainian tournaments have been canceled last week. at the same time, 47 tournaments under the auspices of the European Federation were canceled.

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Here is another area that will suffer from two-day quarantine every week. And it's not just about the business that keeps gyms, fitness centers and swimming pools in Ukraine affected, but also about the people who won't be able to get these services.

Let's talk about the example of squash - a sport with a ball and racket indoors. Alyona Ohonesyan, vice-president of the Squash Federation of Ukraine NGO, said she understood why the authorities should take drastic measures. At the same time, the introduction of day off quarantine for this sport in general and this sport in particular, she said, will lead to a number of cancellations of important events.

"Amateur squash will be affected by quarantine, but not so critically. Professional squash will suffer more, because all important events, such as the Ukrainian Squash Championship among juniors and the Ukrainian Squash Cup among adults, are under threat. These are important events that are stages. selection of athletes for the National Squash Team of Ukraine, "she said.

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