Kyiv Open Squash Cup 2020: how it was

Kyiv Open Squash Cup 2020: how it was

On October 10-11, one of the hottest and most exciting tournaments of the capital took place with the support of the Squash Federation of Ukraine and the Federation of the City of Kyiv. At the Kyiv Open Cup 2020, 46 players met to compete for the championship.

Below are the most interesting and unexpected moments of the tournament.

Dmitry Shcherbakov vs Nikita Panov

One of the brightest events was the victory of Dmitry Shcherbakov - the junior was on the podium for the first time with PRO-players. Despite the fact that Dmitry's opponent was a strong squash player Nikita Panov, the junior won with a score of 3: 0.

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"This is the first tournament in which I took the podium in the PRO category. There were very difficult matches and unexpected victories. Thank you to the organizers for a great tournament!", - remembers Dmitry.

Sofia Zrazhevska vs Liana Sardak

The confrontation between junior Sofia Zrazhevska and Liana Sardak, the former champion of Ukraine, became tense. The game lasted 16 minutes, and the result impressed many: Sofia won 3-0.

Olga Kotova vs Anastasia Kostyukova

Кубок києва зі сквошу 2020 196

The final match turned out to be spectacular, when junior Olga Kotova and Anastasia Kostyukova met on the court. The junior took a game from the first racket of Ukraine Kostyukova and unequivocally won the prize of spectator sympathies for the virtuoso game.

Maria Afonina vs Maria Doroshik

The game of Maria Afonina and Doroshik Maria became the longest among women's matches - 29 minutes. The competition was very hot, but Afonina won 3: 2 over the promising junior Doroshik.

Ahmed Mohamed vs Konstantin Rybalchenko

Кубок києва зі сквошу 2020 205

The match between Ahmed Mohamed and Konstantin Rybalchenko, one of the strongest squash players in Ukraine, is worth mentioning. It is impossible to admire the classic squash of Constantine against Ahmed's Egyptian attack. The game lasted 24 minutes and ended with the triumph of Ahmed with a score of 3: 0.

The Kyiv Open Cup in 2020 is not only tense matches and amazing players. First of all, it is an extremely friendly atmosphere and an opportunity to share experiences. After an eternity-long quarantine, it was a breath of fresh air for all participants!

Follow the news so as not to miss new interesting tournaments and become part of the cohesive squash community of Ukraine!

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