Tatiana Folitarchuk explained why stretching is an integral part of safe training

Tatiana Folitarchuk explained why stretching is an integral part of safe training

Let's be honest, not everyone makes a hitch at the end of training and I am no exception to this rule. Quite often we neglect this part of the training process because we are either in a hurry, or just do not want to do or prefer the option to "go play for another 5 minutes with friends", and when we wake up, there is no time because it's time to run on. Quite often you can also hear the phrase "this time I did not - the next time I compensate", but everyone understands that next time will be the same story. We often mention stretching either after the tournament, when we can't get out of bed the next morning, or after a long break, or as a last resort, when we managed to pull something. But it's too late! This could be avoided by making a regular hitch. Tatiana Folitarchuk, briefly and easily told why stretching is necessary and what can be achieved by doing it regularly.

- Why is it necessary to do stretching after training?

- Doing stretching after a workout is vital. During training, muscles tense and contract. We can not leave them in this state, otherwise the muscles are disturbed blood circulation, and hence their nutrition and recovery. As a result, the effect of training will not be achieved, moreover - fatigue accumulates, training rates fall, the risk of injury increases. Just 15-20 minutes of proper stretching will save you from these negative consequences, give you a great feeling and progress in training.

- How does regular stretching affect the figure?

- Stretching training will help to tone the muscles, because a full-fledged stretching training is not just an exercise where the client lies and relaxes. In many exercises you need to at least keep your balance, and sometimes - fully tense the muscles of the antagonist, sometimes you can sweat a lot)) There is even such a direction as Power Stretching. Of course, stretching training will not replace strength. It all depends on the training of the person who is training, his goals and wishes.

I often hear from girls that stretching helps to make muscles thinner (thighs, for example), but this is a mistake. The shape of the muscles is due to genetics, training will not change it, they just help to tone the muscles. If a girl has square thighs, stretching will not fix it, unfortunately.

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- Why is it important to breathe properly both during training and stretching?

- Breathing is the key to the result.

First, breathing helps maintain the right pace of exercise, which means better control of movements and technique. By doing the exercises slowly without fuss, the muscles are loaded better and more correctly (more muscle fibers are involved), the risk of injuries is reduced.

The second point - breathing regulates intra-abdominal pressure, thanks to which, again, the muscles are properly loaded, deep muscle layers are involved, and the diaphragm works. By breathing properly, you can take more load.

Breathing helps to saturate the muscles with oxygen and so work for endurance.

In stretching the breath also helps to regulate the pace, and most importantly relax. If a person is tense all the time, then at least he will not get the effect of training, and in general may be injured.

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- Does good stretching affect the feeling of yourself and your body?

- Affects in the most direct way. Stretching helps to establish neuromuscular connections - so it is better to feel and control your body.

Get rid of emotional and physical stress, improve mobility (especially problem areas - chest, TBS and ankle).

- Why is the energy level rising?

Flexibility and mobility give self-confidence. In women, flexibility is directly related to female sexuality. For men, flexibility and mobility - the key to good health and energy, which they can show in strength training or at work.

- How does stretching help to get rid of crepitus?

- I hope everyone already knows that crepitation is not associated with the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles, but is a consequence of microtrauma of muscle fibers. As I said above, stretching helps to restore the length and elasticity of the muscles after other types of training / activities - and thus improve blood circulation in areas where there is crepitus and speed up recovery, including healing of these microtraumas.

Here, too, it is worth mentioning healthy sleep and proper nutrition)

- Thank you for your time and useful information!

- Thanks!

Train safely, do not forget about stretching, and see you on the courts!

@Oksana Gerasimenko

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