Squash as a lifestyle: a new issue of Mixsport Skills

Squash as a lifestyle: a new issue of Mixsport Skills

This time Mixsport Skills will teach you a new, interesting and aristocratic sport - squash. After watching our video, you will get all the necessary skills to start playing tomorrow and show off your victories to your friends. Ukrainian champion Valery Fedoruk will teach squash!

A little about squash to motivate you to watch our sports video.

More than 50 million people play squash, and there are national federations in 150 countries. Squash is one of the main contenders for the Olympic Games program. In Ukraine, squash is also actively developing, thanks to the efforts of the Squash Federation of Ukraine, which was established in 2004 and is responsible for the development of both junior, amateur and professional sports. Therefore, it is a relatively young sport that opens up many opportunities to change your lifestyle.

Squash gives high loads that you do not feel during the game, because it captures and does not allow you to be distracted from the main goal: to win. It would seem that this: to hit the ball with a racket, but in one hour of play you lose about 1000 kcal and give work to all muscles, the whole body. The load of this hour can be compared to running up to 15 km, and it's really impressive.

Your goal in the game is to make the opponent make a mistake or lose the ball. The first thing you need to do is choose a place. There are not many squash courts in Ukraine yet, but the efforts of the Squash Federation of Ukraine are evident: FSU uses unexpected quarantine breaks with inspiration and benefit, creating comfortable conditions for the game and looking for the best coaches and talented young people. Choose the hall that is easiest to reach on the way to work, study or home.

You will find the best squash courts on the online map of Mixsport!

For the first training you will need a comfortable form and sneakers. Squash sneakers usually have a special designation "No marking", in order not to damage the coating on the site. Convenience and comfort are the main criteria of your choice. First of all, the comfort of the game and the freedom of movement of athletes: shorts - for men, skirts - for women. Color, style, fabric, brand - your choice.

The squash racket is smaller and lighter than the tennis racket - its maximum size is 21.5 by 68.6 cm, weight - from 90 to 210 g. Beginner players are recommended rackets weighing 140-170 g.

The more experienced a player is, the lighter the racket he needs - it allows him to feel the ball better.

Squash balls have a special marking in the form of dots:

  • two yellow - for professionals
  • one yellow - a training ball, a ball for cold rooms and for glass courts
  • red dot - educational
  • big blue dot - children's.

People who have chosen a common sport can be considered like-minded, even if they are completely different. The conditions of the game promote the establishment of new contacts. The opportunity to have a tense duel together, and then - to communicate as good acquaintances, potential partners, interesting and useful to each other - for this squash is especially appreciated by successful business people.

Watch the new issue of Mixsport Skills with the participation of the champion of Ukraine Valery Fedoruk and master new skills!


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