Squash is a perfect game, even during an epidemic

Squash is a perfect game, even during an epidemic

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In the latest series of the series "Queen's Walk", the main character plays squash with a friend. The influence of television and the charisma of individuals on the viewer - is undeniable. Therefore, interest in squash is growing. Maybe it's time for us to choose a racket and set a date for the first training - to be in trend and in shape?

The game with the energetic and intriguing name squash (in English squash is the nouns: zucchini, pumpkin and at the same time the verb - to flatten: this is what happens with a hollow squash ball when hitting a wall) is constantly played by more than 50 million people. And there are national federations in 150 countries. Therefore, squash is one of the main contenders for the program of the Summer Olympics.

So, there are many reasons to pay attention to it. And no, there are many arguments in favor of picking up a racket! Why does it make sense to do squash and what is needed for this? Why squash?

Adrenaline, dynamics, challenge

What would it be like to hit a ball with a racket? However, squash gives high loads that you do not feel during the game, because it captures and does not allow you to be distracted from the main goal: to win.

You will be amazed, but in one hour of play you lose about 1000 kcal and give work to all muscles, all body. The load of this hour can be compared to running up to 15 km, and it's really impressive.

Interestingly, more and more women are considering squash as an effective supplement or even a replacement for fitness. After all, emotional squash allows you to get rid of calories, and psychological stress, and negativity. Experienced players note another - an unexpected characteristic: squash teaches concentration. He just demands it. After all, the pace of the game is such that you only think about how to strike, pick up the ball, outwit the opponent. Outside the court or on other grounds, we are unlikely to be able to so unequivocally abstract from thoughts about business or personal life. And squash therapy allows you to reload the brain and give it such a coveted rest.

Progress and self-esteem

We all strive for perfection, even if our status is amateur. As practice shows, a beginner begins to demonstrate a good game after a month or two of regular training.

This begs the question: do you need a coach? After all, many people play squash all their lives without taking a single lesson from their mentor.

However, they usually have a fairly rough idea of ​​the technique and tactics. And this knowledge and skills will allow you to get even more pleasure from the game and victories.

Does this mean that learning to play squash is easy? Let's be honest: there are people who do not play from the first blow. And it is the coach who will help to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding, feel it, admire it - and make sure that you can do it too.

By the way, there is one piece of advice from experienced players. Once you have mastered the basics, gained confidence, look for strong opponents - it is with them that you will achieve progress in the game and self-esteem.

Self-sufficiency and non-trauma

This is very important: it is up to you whether the game will take place. Even if your partner did not come, you can train on your own or by inviting a sparring coach.

In addition, squash is cosmopolitan. You can play wherever there is a court, racket and wall, and not be upset by bad weather or strong crosswinds. This is a great sport for the townspeople. I played an hour before work - and the energy will be for the whole day.

It is no secret that active sports are quite traumatic. But players, experts and fans alike state that squash has much less traditional risks. You can, of course, collide with a partner, slip or in the heat of confrontation to get hit by a racket. But this is a loss of a different level than in other species.

New contacts and opportunities

Squash is played by different people, but they have chosen one game, so they are in a sense like-minded, so it is easier for them to find a common language. The conditions of the game also help to establish contacts - and you have the opportunity to choose new partners and new acquaintances.

It is no coincidence that squash has become extremely popular thanks to graduates of elite British economic schools. It is where powerful "lifelong" club formats operate, and relationships between successful people are maintained throughout life, that the opportunities provided by this game have been appreciated.

New acquaintances, the opportunity to have a tense duel together, and then - to communicate as good acquaintances, potential partners, interesting and useful to each other. For this squash is especially appreciated by successful business people and it distinguishes it among other sports. After all, playing in big cases, as well as in details, is important.

By the way, the uniqueness of squash is manifested even in the choice of the most incredible places of competition. The Al-Ahram International night tournament takes place in Cairo at the foot of the pyramids. The tournament of champions - on the square of the central station in New York. A special court surrounded by glass walls is being built there so that spectators in the stands and near TV screens can watch the matches.

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Al-Ahram Squash Championship in front of the pharaohs

What does it take to play squash?

To begin with, let’s briefly recall that squash is played - individually or in pairs - on a closed area of ​​6.4 × 9.75 m. The goal is to make the opponent make a mistake or lose the ball. The match lasts until one of the players wins in two or three games. The game lasts up to 11 points, with a score of 10:10 the game continues until the advantage of one of the players in two points.

So, to begin with - choose a place. There are not so many squash grounds in Ukraine yet, but the efforts of the Squash Federation of Ukraine are noticeable. FSU uses unexpected quarantine breaks with inspiration and benefit, creating comfortable conditions for the game and looking for the best coaches and talented young people.

Choose the hall that is easiest to reach on the way to work, study or home.


For the first training you will need a comfortable form and sneakers. The main thing is that they were on a light, clean sole, so as not to damage the special coating. Such sneakers usually have a special designation "No marking".

You can rent a racket and a ball to start with, or finally buy your own - after consulting with experts.


The squash racket is smaller and lighter than the tennis racket - its maximum size is 21.5 by 68.6 cm, weight is from 90 to 210 g. Beginners weigh 140-170 g.

The more experienced the player, the lighter the racket he needs - it allows him to feel the ball better. Over time, you will decide on the style of play, and then add shape and rigidity to the parameters of your racket, having previously discussed this with the coach.


Squash balls have a special marking in the form of dots:

two yellow - for professionals

one yellow is a training ball, a ball for cold rooms and for glass courts

red dot - training large

blue dot - children's.


Convenience and comfort are the main criteria of your choice. As well as aesthetics - after all in the world of sportswear own trends and bestsellers. However, here too there are canons formed during the long history of squash and designed to ensure, above all, the convenience of the game and the freedom of movement of athletes. Shorts - for men, skirts - for women. Color, style, fabric, brand - your choice.

Additional accessories you can't do without:

headbands and wrists - absorb sweat during play. And special goggles, resembling bicycles, will protect your eyes.

Coach and personal training

This has already been mentioned above, here we can only say that the efforts of the Squash Federation of Ukraine formed a professional and inspired coaching team. Take this opportunity to discover all the secrets of squash. After all, you will play this game for a long time and with pleasure.

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