Soon in Ukraine: world squash stars take Ashour

Soon in Ukraine: world squash stars take Ashour

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Why should professionals, amateurs, juniors and just fans of this sport follow the example of the brothers?

This summer, Ukrainians will be able to get acquainted with the brightest figures of modern squash - three-time world champion Ramy Ashour and one of the best mentors on the planet Hisham Ashour.

Ramy Ashour and the path to world recognition

Ashoura Jr. - Ramy, is compared to the legendary Pakistani players Jahangir Khan and Yansher Khan, is called one of the best squash in the history of squash, and is noted for an individual and unique style of play. That is why in sports circles the player received the nickname "The Artist".

Through perseverance and talent, he became the youngest world junior squash champion at 16, and then the first ever two-time world champion in this age category. Growing up, in 2014 Rame won the title once again, beating the Egyptian Mohammad El-Shorbadi at the matches in Doha.

Ashura also won victories in the Canadian Squash Classic, Kuwait Open, Qatar Classic, ATCO World Series Squash Finals tournament.

Ramy has created his own scoring system for squash "RAM Scoring", which stands for "race, aim, control (race, aim, manage)". The main idea and feature of the format is time constraints.

Ashur Jr. is not the first time visiting Ukraine. In 2018, he became an Ambassador for the World WSF 2018 Ambassador Program, which was held in Kiev that year.

Rami will return this summer with his older brother Hisham Ashour. He is one of the best squash trainers in the world.

Hisham's mentoring is one of the most important components of Ramy's success

Hisham is best known for inventing the legendary "Mizuki", a squash salvo shot where the front of the racket rotates 180 degrees before hitting the ball.

In 2012, Ashour Sr. reached 11th place in the world ranking of PSA (Professional Squash Association) players. Interestingly, Hisham played in the match with the highest score in the history of professional squash: 35-33. He now runs his own junior squash academy in New York.

The Ashour brothers is a real living encyclopedia of squash, which Ukrainian players will soon be able to discover and study. The Squash Federation of Ukraine gives you the opportunity to visually familiarize yourself with the experience, talent and secrets of success of Ramy and Hisham, thanks to the camp, which they will hold on August 2-8.

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