Look at the game with different eyes - mentor Hisham Ashour on the prospects of squash in Ukraine

Look at the game with different eyes - mentor Hisham Ashour on the prospects of squash in Ukraine

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Rami and Hisham Ashur are professional squash players known all over the world for their brilliant victories, crushing blows for their opponents and their unique style of play. They recently visited Kiev to host a camp for everyone interested in this racquet sport.

The Ukrainian Squash Federation managed to talk to Ashur Sr., Hisham, while Rami was training camp participants, teaching them his secret chips and techniques.

The path to global recognition

- Hisham, were you a mentor for your brother? Are you motivated to teach squash to others?

- Yes, I taught Rami since childhood. Now I am happy to be my brother's support and mentor during the competition. We are close in spirit, because we are family and love squash equally. We are attracted by the game process and the ability to win, to be agile and strong in spirit.

There are two reasons why I enjoy coaching. First, I love to give energy, I have leadership skills and I can easily influence people, motivate and inspire them. And second, I love squash.

- As a mentor, what do you think: how did Rami become a three-time world champion?

- My brother is generally a very decisive and responsible person. If he has planned something, he will definitely do it. Rami is also very tough both psychologically and physically, super strong mentally.

Even when at a certain moment he loses with a very large gap, he can pull himself together and win the match. Not everyone can do it. Rami trains a lot without stopping, reaches the goal and does not get tired, because he enjoys the constant growth and work on himself. He is very disciplined, unlike me (laughs).

“We know that you, Hisham, invented the legendary Mizuki strike. Do your opponents use it now during the game?

- I would not want this to happen, to be honest (smiles). Some players repeat my "Mizuki" kick, although not everyone succeeds. Many of them tag me on social media for me to rate.

You know, this blow cannot be used all the time, it is special. I'm lucky that I invented it. Opponents and spectators often wait for the moment when I will fulfill it, but it always remains for the most successful moment of the match.

About squash camp

- When did you get the idea to hold a squash camp in Ukraine, and in what other countries is there such a format for meeting with your followers?

- We hold a squash camp in different countries and cities. For example, in the USA and Greece. Now we are going to conquer Europe. We are offered support for events in different parts of the world. This year we have already visited the Czech Republic and Greece.

- What are the advantages of this training format for squash lovers?

- Since the camp takes only 6-7 days, it is important for us during this time to convey to our students that it is not always necessary to run faster or show more strength in the game. Better to change the approach in your head.

Our goal is to explain that you need to start thinking differently, to look at the game with different eyes. Observe other athletes, analyze, draw conclusions and, of course, train, and not just love squash, since it is quite difficult to play it technically.

- Do you plan to open the Ashur Brothers Squash Academy in Ukraine on the basis of the squash camp in the future?

- We really want to enter a different training format, more massive. We are discussing the possibilities of opening an Academy in Ukraine. Let's look at the number of people willing to train and evaluate our strength.

About perspectives

- This is not your first visit to Ukraine with your brother. How did the city welcome you? Did you like it here?

- I love Ukraine very much, and the city of Kiev loves us and always welcomes us well. We want to come back here more often and spend more time playing and relaxing.

- What do you think, what are the prospects for Ukraine to enter the international level in squash?

- The recipe is simple for each country. We need intention and systematic actions that will lead to results - support and popularization of this sport, as well as the desire of inveterate players who will show high results in competitions.

- What would you like to wish to young Ukrainian squash drivers?

You need to love what they are fond of and regular training to prove their dedication to the sport. Make efforts, grow, learn to give, so that later you can get good emotions and self-confidence. This will help them become holistic individuals, achieve high results and find many friends.

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