Will help to lose weight, reduce pain during PMS, improve mood: stories of 3 girls who chose squash

Will help to lose weight, reduce pain during PMS, improve mood: stories of 3 girls who chose squash

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Squash is a racket sport that is gaining popularity every year.

If certain sports are more associated with men or women, squash is fully gender-equitable and happy to take both men and women on the court.


There are legends in squash communities over time about how squash can affect a woman, change her. It is called the miraculous elixir of youth. So does this game have a secret ingredient? The benefits of squash for women and how much you need to play to feel the drastic changes in life - shared their recipes three squash ladies.

If you are active, you are healthy. If you are healthy, you are beautiful. And you can't argue with this thesis. Squash is a dynamic game. You can lose up to 1,500 calories in just one hour of exercise. Systematic play allows you to "pump" the muscles, keep them in shape, mobility in both directions on the court has a particularly positive effect on the formation of the contour of the waist. But this is just the beginning. Squash, indeed, works wonders, if you believe him.

From fun to profession

In squash, as in other sports, everything starts with something: someone comes with friends to cheer for one of the participants in the tournament, someone just walks past the courts, where there are mass activities or personal training. Most athletes first participate in tournaments, in amateur categories, then move to play in the professional category and after a while realize that it is their way of life - to be a professional. They start and then continue to participate in international tournaments and rise to the podium, - says Alena Ogonesyan, Vice President of the Squash Federation of Ukraine.


In professional squash, each athlete has her own schedule, which has personal training with the coach, solo training, training in the gym, swimming pool, massages, work with a sports psychologist, planning to participate in tournaments.

Not every girl needs to win championships, but, agree, each of us wants to be beautiful, feel the surges of energy and have a good mood.

Squash and women's health

Any physical activity leads to tremendous changes in the body. Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is recommended to spend at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 times a week. The endocrine system is also affected. Hormones, the production of which is affected by exercise, are androgens, estrogens, somatotropin, endorphins, insulin, thyroxine, adrenaline, glucagon. Therefore, if a person is physically active, he feels balanced and confident, he is healthy, energetic, more organized, stress-resistant, in better physical shape.

If we talk about squash, then thanks to the dynamics and speed of the game a person can spend up to 1500 kcal per hour. It is an excellent tool for maintaining and maintaining physical shape: improves endurance, coordination, balance, motor reactions, changes the state of the body and mental activity: accelerates the reaction of thinking, concentration, and squash helps and teaches to make quick decisions.

Another squash is a good eye training. As for women's health, it is known that almost 80% of women suffer from dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain), and 10% may be unable to work during this period and with PMS. With regular exercise, women find it easier to overcome this period, because the pain is easier, less frequent or absent, as well as the symptoms of PMS, - says a professional squash coach and judge Yana Kovalskaya.


Figure, shape, style

Alena Ogonesyan:

A woman plays squash - it is already a toned body with beautiful shapes. If I watch my figure - then I watch my hair, nails, skin condition, because when I look at myself in the mirror, I have to like everything, not just parts. Squash is like an extra pill for beauty, health, shape and style.

As for the style, this is a separate story. When you go to training, you choose what to wear, in what outfit to participate in the tournament - a dress or skirt, what color shoes are suitable. After the tournament, you have a squash community party - you are planning your bow in a month. Further, such meticulousness to the details in clothing is transferred to everyday life.

Energy charge

If you have decided and started to gather even for the first squash lesson in your life - you are already guaranteed to be in a good mood. The preparation for training or play begins with positive emotions - to choose a form, make a manicure, buy something new. Such girls.

“If you are very irritated today, you can't, you don't have a conversation with your opponent, you can easily leave all these negative emotions on the court during training, investing your aggression and irritability in every shot on the ball. And you will come out of training like a "new penny", - Alena Ogonesyan shares.

During active play, dopamine is released - a hormone of joy and pleasure. Why not give him a chance to rage in the body and make a woman happy.

As for physiology, when a person experiences stress, his body is stiff, thoughts are tense, concentrated. And when you start moving, blood circulates through the body, the tension drops. After intense training, you feel pleasant fatigue and peace.

"I honestly admit that squash saved me from depression twice. And I'm not one of those people who used to hide from problems under a blanket. But then it was hard, I stepped over myself and went to training, which just pulled me out of a depressed state. Immediately, positive thoughts and ideas began to appear, I wanted to change my life just at this moment, ”says squash player Ekaterina Solovyova.


Squash and sexuality

Yana Kowalska:

What is sexuality? The set of biological, psychophysiological and emotional reactions, experiences and actions associated with the manifestation and satisfaction of sexual desire. Squash and sexuality. They do not exclude each other. When we watch games and get sick, we are attracted by the heat of passions and confrontations, and athletic players with perfect movements and techniques, and the appearance of athletes (who play in skirts or dresses, and it has a very sexy look).

And when we play by ourselves, we feel this energy that stimulates and supports us. When the one we cared for wins, or we win the match, endorphins are released, the same hormones of joy and happiness as sexual satisfaction. In squash, the same set of psychophysical and emotional factors associated with sexuality, by which we realize our social activity, works.

Squash is one of the social activities that helps to balance the emotional and psychophysical state, get rid of stress from unsatisfactory spheres of life, and can a woman with such qualities have a non-sexual appearance?


At 18 and 40 - it's never too late

It is easier to start at the age of 18, but squash has no age. If there are no contraindications, squash can be practiced as long as there is a desire to get on the court.

Yana Kowalska:

I play from 25-26 years old, took breaks during pregnancy, injuries and other reasons. At 25-30, I had less resources for myself, because small children were a priority. Of course, at 35-40 it takes more time to recover, but I also have more physical activity than before. Now I understand myself better and feel my body and have the tools to recover. Over the years, I became better at playing. My physical abilities have also developed, so the year is an experience.

If we talk about women-amateurs, then to start at 18-25 is an opportunity to achieve high results in amateur training in amateur squash, to support yourself well in good physical and emotional condition. At 35-40, such a woman will already be an experienced amateur who continues to play and keep herself in good shape. If a woman in 18-25 is already a professional squash player, then this is an athletic, confident lady who can continue her career as a professional player up to 35-40 years.

The main way of life and squash is how much time to spend

Amateur squash also requires attention. If there is motivation, and every squash player has it, then one lesson is necessary.

Alena Ogonesyan:

Squash disciplines, helps to overcome lack of concentration and make plans not only for tomorrow, but also for a longer period. How much time to spend? It all depends on the ultimate goal. I woke up - and nothing brings joy, then we take the phone and write to a friend: "Today we play!". It remains to grab the form with a racket - and go!

Good mood and cheerfulness of spirit, as well as crepitus are provided. If you want to like the reflection in the mirror, it all depends on how actively you work on the court, pay attention to sleep and healthy eating. The complex should work here. You can't sin on squash, that it doesn't help to lose weight, when after training, when you come home, you first run to the refrigerator for sweets. For me personally, two personal workouts with a coach a week is more than enough.


Squash and character

Alena Ogonesyan:

Squash shapes you as a person, helps to show character, become more confident: both in your reflection in the mirror and in communication in life, even with strangers. This can be compared to new beautiful outfits, only the outfit is a temporary shell, but the formed qualities are more about the inner world.

You can be yourself on the court. All masks go away during the game. Sometimes you can be surprised that before you could not even think that you can.


Squash "married" many native hearts. There is even a concept of Squash Family.

Someone fell in love with their coach and offered her a hand and a heart, someone met at the tournament and is now one, someone worked as a coach for a long time, and then "Cupid's arrows" pierced hearts and created a new couple. to say for sure: squash falls in love not only with itself, but also helps to create new beautiful and happy families, - Alena Ogonesyan.

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