What do you need a personal account for?

What do you need a personal account for?

Personal account - what is it? Why do you need it? But what interesting and useful things can be done with it?

Today we will talk about the personal account - it's easier about the personal page that each player has on the website of the Squash Federation of Ukraine. What do we have?

The home page, the main page of the profile, displays the personal data of the player:

  • FSU ID
  • the category in which he plays
  • availability of a license, membership in the FSU
  • place and points in the ranking
  • international number (if any)
  • personal data
  • even the size of a t-shirt, so keep yourself in shape.

Also, here we can see what roles a squash player has. If you combine a player, coach, referee and organizer, all this will be reflected on your page in the personal account.

Now it is much easier to find a sparring partner of the desired level in a club convenient for you - indicate in the profile the club where you play and find partners in the game, and the partner's game level will help to understand the points in the national rankings obtained for previous tournaments. This option is convenient and useful for those who want to constantly play with new people or have not yet found their sparring partner, or just when you went on a trip to another city and wanted to play. Admit it, the same thing happens? To do this, you only need to fill out your form completely, not forgetting to indicate the club, which will facilitate the search. In my opinion, it is better to play with different players, because you are not used to the manner of playing one opponent and you are always in good shape, because every time you do not know for sure what to expect.

From now on, it will be easier for coaches to monitor the successes and failures of their players. After all, when you specify the name of your coach in the questionnaire, your page automatically appears in the coach's profile. This helps athletes work more effectively on mistakes and improve the quality of the game. So, we have an additional incentive to train well and make fewer mistakes in tournaments, so as not to substitute your coach.

Next we have a section "Tournaments" which displays all the competitions for the year, their status and organizer. You can immediately see if the registration is open, if the tournament has been canceled / postponed, it has already ended, or it is just planned. By the way, unlike Rankedin in the personal account, you can click on the bell and be the first to know when the registration opens, because you will receive a notification by e-mail, which you specified in the personal account. There is something interesting in the list of tournament participants. You can immediately see if the player has just applied for the tournament, or has already paid for participation and will most likely play. This helps both coaches and players to prepare for the tournament, because you immediately see what to expect and what to prepare for.

What will the organizers find useful here? The program itself will remind you if you forgot to add any information about the tournament, whether the rules or the banner with the file - the button "Send rules for approval" will not be active until you provide all the necessary data. When all the data is submitted, you can safely track the status of the tournament agreement on your page. Also, there is a small planner with tasks to be performed in preparation for the tournament with priority and set deadlines. If you inadvertently forgot to add a chief judge, the system will also remind you of this - an error will be displayed when closing applications. There is another nice detail for the organizers - for your convenience, you can now sort players by name, rating, city and category.

In the "Rating" section you can now see the dynamics of the player, whether he progresses or, conversely, gradually surrenders positions giving way to rivals. If the color green is all great, if it changes to red, you should spend more time training and not relax. So now, not only coaches motivate their wards to play and train more, but also the rating itself, because I don't really want to see red next to my last name.

Also, the information is now updated much faster, because you can see your current ranking as soon as the organizers publish the results, which facilitates the formation of grids in tournaments. In addition to the classic rating by category, the ABSOLUT rating was added, which brings together all players, both amateurs and professionals. It is according to the ABSOLUT rating that players are seeded for national tournaments and competitions that have common categories.

In the "Support" section you can write an appeal to the Federation, questions that you have and see online in what status is your request. Even if your request has already been opened or not, which is much more convenient than just sitting and guessing or reading your letter at all.

We come to the most interesting section - "Files" here you can download all your certificates and diplomas from courses and seminars. It will be useful for both employers and coaches and the players themselves. After all, it makes it easier to find coaches for club managers, it is easier for players to choose a coach according to their wishes, and for coaches an additional incentive to develop and grow.

So what do we have? All the necessary information within the main page of the profile from which you can easily go to the auxiliary pages to see more detailed information. Well, we told about everything, showed, all that was left was to go to my personal account and try.

By the way, if you have already managed to go to your personal page, you saw the “Squash family” button there, but we will tell you about it later ..

@Oksana Gerasimenko


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