Squash as a quarantine-resistant sport

Squash as a quarantine-resistant sport

Squash Federation of Ukraine on the pages of the Internet portal ua.tribuna.com. Thanks to the media for the media coverage of squash.

Over the past year, we have learned so many things that we planned and did not even think that we would need them, but life is interesting because it surprises and poses new challenges for us. At the same time, it also offers a solution - it is only important to understand how to properly use the opportunities that we have.

We asked the vice-president of the Squash Federation Alena Ogonesyan if squash can be called a sport that meets the anti-quarantine requirements:

"Because of COVID-19, gyms, swimming pools were closed, access even to sports grounds in parks was limited, because social distance must be observed. Many restrictions persist now and are unlikely to be relaxed in the near future. But amateur squash, even in its own way standard rules, - fully meets the anti-quarantine requirements: there is one player or, at most, a couple on the court, there are no spectators, even the coach can be at a safe distance. At the same time, squash is a powerful "antidepressant" and a means to keep fit (remember how everyone complained that during the quarantine and even when it was weakened, they gained excess weight and lost their usual tone).

In one hour of workout, you can lose 1,000 calories, and a fast-paced, high-speed game makes all the muscles of the body move - and greatly speeds up thoughts, by the way, stimulating concentration and the ability to make decisions. I would also call squash a game of strategists, because if you want to win, you have to build whole game schemes in a short time. Therefore, we see an increase in interest in our game among both children and adults. We are working hard to make it available and thank you for the support of everyone who has joined our collaboration. Hopefully next year will bring us health, freedom of movement and contact, good fitness and meeting new people at new squash courts across the country."

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