Why squash is not only a sport, but also a promising niche for business/startup

Why squash is not only a sport, but also a promising niche for business/startup

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Let's start with a simple question: who participates in the squash match? At first glance, the answer is obvious - the players, the referees and in a way the spectators. But if we look deeper, we will see dozens of hidden participants who are invisible, even in front of everyone.

The companies that organized the match, built the court, made the balls and rackets, sewed the clothes and shoes, provided information support, and many others also took part in the competition.

From this point of view, it is much easier to see the opportunities open not only to athletes, coaches and experts, but also to businessmen and startups. Having laid out the aspects of the squash game on the shelves, everyone interested in their own business can find their niche.

Especially since the world experience gives many examples of such stories to inspire and fill with new ideas. Among them are the brightest figures of modern squash - three-time world champion Rami Ashur and one of the best mentors on the planet Hisham Ashur.

So why learn from them?

Ashura Jr. - Rami, called one of the best in the history of squash, noted the individual and unique style of play. He became the youngest world champion in squash among juniors at the age of 16, and later - the first two-time world champion in history in this age category. Growing up, in 2014 Rami won the title again.

It is worth noting that the persistence and talent of Ashura Jr. helped him to show himself not only as a talented athlete, but also as a creator and startup. Rami has created his own scoring system in squash "RAM Scoring". The main idea and feature of the format is time constraints. The athlete regularly organizes competitions on this system in the United States. Ukrainian squash players will also be able to try to take part in a summer camp, which Rami and his brother Hisham will hold in Kyiv on August 2-8 with the support of the Ukrainian Squash Federation.

Continuing the idea of ​​combining sports and business achievements, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Ashur Sr., Hisham, has also achieved significant success in both directions. He is one of the best squash coaches in the world. He is known for inventing the legendary Mizuki volley. Interestingly, Hisham played in the match with the highest score in the history of professional squash: 35-33. Not surprisingly, such a dedicated athlete also decided to start his own business after the end of his career - he founded and became the head of the squash academy for juniors in New York.

Given that the above experience combines a sports career and related areas, such as coaching and competition, it is worth giving a few other examples.

The modern market is saturated with companies producing sports equipment, clothing, footwear and accessories. Some of them work exclusively in the direction of squash, others - to provide various racket sports in general, such as tennis, paddle and badminton. There are also those who do not identify with squash as a producer, but offer relevant products in their range.

Companies are competitive, each has its own customer and target audience by geography, pricing, product features and more. In addition, most of them have an outstanding history and world squash stars among customers, which, of course, is also an important image-creating element and inspiration for those who are just planning to start their own business.

So, we see that squash combines opportunities for athletes, businessmen, startups. All you have to do is look wider, find inspiration and choose what you like. Hold the racket and win or create it and watch the triumphs of the champions with your creation in hand.

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