Is squash really more than just a game?

Is squash really more than just a game?

For many squash, it is something incomprehensible, unknown and extremely complex. It is often compared to tennis. And once I even heard squash called a "tennis rehearsal." What!? I have to admit that this characteristic of squash broke my brain a bit. After all, at first I did not understand what we were talking about at all. After all, no, squash is not indoor tennis, much less a tennis rehearsal. This is a completely independent sport.

So what do we have? A racket weighing 115 g, a small black ball that heats up during the game, a court of 9.75 m by 6.4 m, calories burned, and as a result - a toned body. Yes - yes, it is on the squash court that you burn the most calories without noticing it, because all the attention is focused on the game. By the way, as a nice bonus we get positive emotions not only on the court, but also outside it. Playing squash is not limited to 4 walls, it continues in communication on the court, parties and trips to tournaments in other cities.

Why are more and more people joining the squash community and staying in it? Why, despite the cramps, from which it is impossible to walk normally for a week after the first training, broken knees, bruises and irritation that can not hit the ball properly, you stay and continue to train, play and develop? Maybe because of the "thirst to get more, especially after the first victories on the court", as one of my good friends said?

Let's try to understand this. We asked squash players with different levels of play and different experience, what emotions squash evokes in them and why they decided to stay.

Eugene Kharlamov

IMG 4598- Tell us about your first encounter with squash.

- The first squash training was during quarantine, on the street, in the school yard. But it cannot be called full-fledged, since the gnarled wall of the building and the leaky asphalt bear little resemblance to a squash court. Later, I went to a beautiful hall where there were markings. My coach friend brought me up to date, and I even hit the wall (smiles).

- What emotions did squash evoke in you?

- The main emotion is the desire to hit the wall in the right way and take the serve from the wall. And later, a misunderstanding - why so much sweat from a seemingly very easy sport?

Julius Laucart

IMG 4596- Tell us about your first training session.

- I don't remember, it was 10 years ago (laughs).

- What emotions does squash evoke in you?

- Positive. I love “adequate” competition and adrenaline during the game.

- After what moment did you decide that "it's mine, you need to stay"?

- From the very beginning it was not my decision, but of my parents, because I was 8 years old. Then he got involved in the whole squash party, began to enjoy not only the game, but also from being outside the court.

Angelica Polshchikova

IMG 4593- Tell us about your first training session.

- The first training was in Lviv, at Sport Life Sykhiv. Actually, I came to stretch after training in the gym, and saw some kind of "aquariums", one of them was a short girl with fluffy blond hair, in short, an angel. Then this angel tossed the ball and began to beat it. Now I understand - I was warming up. I was then struck by where there was so much power in this little creation, but I immediately realized that I wanted it the same way, and signed up. The first lesson I almost didn't hit the ball, but I liked it anyway. I already knew that I was staying. After training, I immediately signed up for the next day and have been practicing for 4 years now.

- What emotions does squash evoke in you?

- I feel that you want a different answer from me, but here is the truth for you: muscles, knees, breathing, anger, irritation and excitement hurt. Nothing good in this sport (laughs), but I can't quit.

- After what moment did you decide that “everything is mine, you need to stay”?

- I decided right away. Probably even before the first training session, as soon as I saw my future coach on the court. It may sound strange, but that's how it works for me. Sometimes you just know.

Konstantin Kamorda

IMG 4597- Tell us about your first squash workout.

- The first time I was brought to play squash by my old friend. And I was immediately addicted. The game is fast, the ball is strange (smiles).

- What emotions does squash evoke in you?

- On the court there is a desire to win, passion. Outside the court - pleasant communication with interesting people.

- After what moment did you decide that "everything is mine, you need to stay"?

- When I decided to beat my friend, and then the second, third, and so on. There are still people I want to beat.

Alexander Gnatenko

IMG 4594- Tell us about your first training session.

- The first time I went to squash was when I saw an ad “squash for the successful”. I decided to try. I played with a friend - it was very active and energy consuming. Well, and then on to the classics (smiles).

- What emotions does squash evoke in you?

- Squash helps me reboot. Critical cardio in squash reminds me of some kind of drug. I tried it once - it's impossible to quit.

- After what moment did you decide that "everything is mine, you need to stay"?

- I played five times, I realized that I had to take the racket, so to speak, "I'm here for a long time."

To be continued…….

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