7 reasons to do squash right now

7 reasons to do squash right now

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Squash is a racket sport that not only keeps you in shape, but also provides a comprehensive harmonious development of personality. So can this game really be an alternative to a whole range of activities and spiritual practices?

About the benefits of squash for women and the reasons to start training right now - says Alyona Ogonesyan, Vice President of the Squash Federation of Ukraine.

Beauty and health are the best formula

Health and beauty are inextricably linked. The ideal key to this female tandem is physical activity through squash. Systematic training allows you to keep your muscles toned and at the same time form thin body lines, in particular, the waist. But this is just the beginning.

Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Thanks to the dynamics and speed of squash, you can spend up to 1500 kcal per hour. This is a great way to maintain and maintain physical shape: improves endurance, coordination, balance, motor reactions, changes in body condition, improves mental activity: accelerates the reaction of thinking, concentration. In addition, squash helps and teaches to make decisions quickly.

Playing squash - going to the podium

It all starts with choosing a sports uniform, shoes and accessories that create many opportunities to stand out among others on the court. Wear a special sports dress or skirt, add a bandage or glasses, which sneakers to choose…

After the tournament - no less important in terms of style stage - a party with a squash community, which requires a thoughtful image and additional training, which is so loved by each of us. Attention to details in clothing later extends to everyday life.

Charge energy in each feed

The very preparation for training or play begins with positive emotions - to choose a form, sports accessories, to think of a new unique image.

Negative feelings can easily be left on the court, transforming aggression and irritability by hitting the ball. The feeling of complete renewal after such therapy is simply inevitable. During active play, dopamine is released - a hormone of joy and pleasure. Why not give it a chance to boil in the body and make you happier.

The court is a place for emotional relaxation

Physiology is arranged as follows: in a state of stress, the human body is stiff, thoughts are tense and concentrated. When it begins to move intensely, the blood circulates faster, the tension decreases. Energy is expended, and therefore produces a number of hormones that promote balance (in short). That is why, as a rule, after intense training we feel pleasant fatigue and calm.

Squash makes you think and react actively, rejecting all everyday problems. Therefore, as soon as he begins to drag laziness and bad mood into the abyss, he immediately goes to the court.

Squash is a source of balance and emotional balance

In this sport we meet different people in character and personal qualities. Thanks to the game, everyone shows both their positive and negative traits. Some people cope better with emotions, for others it is a difficult task, but over time, almost everyone as they become more confident and balanced.

Each tournament is a step towards hardening the character

Squash shapes you as a person, helps to show character, become more confident: both in your reflection in the mirror and in live communication. This can be compared to a new beautiful outfit, only the clothes are a temporary shell, but the personal traits are already about the inner world.

You can be yourself on the court. All masks fall off during the game. Sometimes you may be surprised that before you could not even think that it is up to you.

Squash training - programming to achieve the goal

In squash, everyone can find their niche and benefit, achieve a personal goal in sports, career and even love. Someone lost weight due to classes and became an example to follow. Someone found a couple. Someone realized himself as a coach or a judge of this sport. Others have realized their sporting ambitions. Someone joined the development of squash or entrepreneurship. All this is proof that squash is not just a sport or a game, it is first and foremost a new opportunity. You just have to try and understand what it is for you. And everyone should try.

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