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Gregory Gaultier

The first racket of the European Individual Championship is the 9-time European champion and 4-time silver medalist Frenchman Gregory Goltier (pictured) - a player in the top five of the PSA world rankings. He has been a regular participant in the finals of the European Championships since the resumption of the European Championships in 2004.

Along with him in the top 5 - and the Spaniard Borya Golan, who in 2016 and 2018 became European champion, and Rafael Candra, who for the past 2 years has become accustomed to climbing the podium. However, the list of annual winners and participants is full of famous European squash players: Camille Serme, Nelly Gillis, Millie Tomlinson, Ollie Tuominen, Nicholas Mueller, Simon Rosner, Mathieu Castagne - often participants and leaders of their teams at the European Championship.

Valery Fedoruk at EICC-2015

If we talk about the performances of Ukrainians at individual European championships, we should first pay attention to their results in the final tournament. Thus, in 2015 in Bratislava, the Ukrainian duo dropped out of the battle for medals in the second round - Ruslan Sorochynsky lost to the Czech Martin Sveko, and Valery Fedoruk - to Daniel McBib. As a result, our athletes took 19th and 18th places, respectively. The result is amazing, considering that in 2015 a record number of athletes performed in Slovakia - 40 people.

Let's dive into history: the first steps on the ICE

2011: in Warsaw, Rybalchenko Konstantin, Sorochinsky Ruslan and Podvorny Denis dropped out of the battle for medals in the first round. Rybalchenko lost to the Austrian Akvel Rehman, Sorochinsky lost to the Englishman Nathan Lake, and after qualifying, Podvorny was defeated by the third racket of the tournament - Golan. As a result, they took 23, 25 and 29 places, respectively.

2010: in Saarbrücken Sorochinsky and Podvorny failed to qualify, and Rybalchenko lost in the 1/16 finals to Simon Rosner and finished the tournament in 28th place.

2009: Rybalchenko and Sorochinsky were defeated in the first round by Rene Mace and Bori Golan, respectively, and Artem Beba dropped out of the fight in the previous games, losing to Belgian Mats Ramen. In a consolation match Beba loses 4 meetings and takes the last, 37th place. Ruslan Sorochynsky - 28th, Konstantin Rybalchenko - 30th.

2008: Rybalchenko and Sorochynskyi are eliminated in the 1/32 finals, followed by Roman Dolynych and Dmytro Shcherbakov, who were eliminated in the second round by the leaders of the seed Goltie and Link.

2006, 2007: Ukrainians, including Pogrebnyak, Rybalchenko, Dolynych, Beba, Shandybin, Davydenko, lose in qualifying.

Note: the youngest participant of the European Individual Championship - Nadezhda Usenko

For the first time, in addition to our men, in 2014 Ukraine was represented in the women's championship. Nadezhda Usenko was even given a separate article on the official website of the tournament.

Sorochynsky Ruslan, Usenko Nadiya and Fedoruk Valeriy at EICC 2014

"At the 2014 European Individual Championships, I was the youngest participant in the tournament (I was 14 at the time), so the organizers paid special attention to me and asked for an interview. I remember how they were interested in how I started playing squash and how I couldn't believe my words when I told them that I hadn't trained at any academy and that the Ukrainian squash player had achieved results (the athlete had already established herself on the international stage, including The European Championships were held in France and I was pleased that the organizers were impressed by the willpower of Ukrainian athletes," - said Nadiya Usenko.

In 2014, Nadia's rating did not allow her to be one of the most comfortable seeders, but even after the defeat of Birgit Koufal, the Ukrainian found the strength and removed from the court one of the best Polish squash players Anna Yurkun. Later she lost in two meetings, taking the final 20th place.

Nadiya Usenko at EICC 2016

But in 2016, Usenko set a personal record of performances at the continental championship - 13th place.

"The European Championships are the tournaments where I was able to play with world-class rivals from different countries. It was an invaluable experience because I could play with many stronger players in one tournament. In addition, the European Championships were attended by adult professionals. In the junior round I played with my peers, juniors, so the experience at the European Championships was extremely useful for me. It was a unique opportunity to represent my country on the European arena and gain experience, "said Nadiya Usenko.

Now 2020: those who brought Ukraine to the 2nd division of the European Team Championship enter the fight

Alina Bushma at EICC 2019

The last individual European Championship was held for the whole of Europe and Ukraine in 2019. And it turned out to be very important and spectacular for Ukraine. Of course, the main result and achievement for all Ukrainian squash was 11th place in the women's singles, which was won by Alina Bushma.

But here it is worth noting that our junior had a very difficult rival. Karina Tyma has been considered the strongest squash player in Poland for many years.

Judging by the game demonstrated by Ukrainian squash players, we can count on their even higher final figures.

European Individual Men's Championship

Рік Переможець Срібний призер Бронзовий призер Місце України Представник України Локація Клуб Кількість учасників
2010 Thierry Lincou, Франція  Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Olli Tuominen (Фінляндія) 28-Рибальченко Костянтин Q-Сорочинський Руслан Q-Федорук Валерій Q-Подвірний Денис Німеччина, Саарбрюккен 32
2011 Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Thierry Lincou, Франція  Laurens Jan Anjema (Голандія) 23-Рибальченко Костянтин 25-Сорочинський Руслан 29-Подвірний Денис Польща, Варшава Squash City 32
2012 Olli Tuominen (Фінляндія) Borja Golán (Іспанія) Simon Rösner (Німеччина) 15-Руслан Сорочинський 21-Костянтин Рибальченко 22-Денис Подвірний Фінляндія, Хельсинки Talihalli 29
2013 Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Simon Rösner (Німеччина) Olli Tuominen (Фінляндія) 33-Валерій Федорук Бельгія, Херенталс Flemish Squash Centre 37
2014 Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Mathieu Castagnet (Франція) Grégoire Marche (Франція) 18-Сорочинський Руслан 17-Федорук Валерій Франція,Валансьен TSB Valenciennes 29
2015 Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Borja Golán (Іспанія) Simon Rösner (Німеччина) 19-Сорочинський Руслан 18-Федорук Валерій Словакія, Братислава Eurovea Shopping Park 40
2016 Borja Golán (Іспанія) Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Lucas Serme (Франція) - Чехія, Прага Hector Sports Centre 32
2017 James Willstrop (Англія) Grégory Gaultier (Франція) Borja Golán (Іспанія) - Англія, Ноттингем The University of Nottingham 23
2018 Borja Golán (Іспанія) George Parker (Англія) Raphael Kandra (Німеччина) - Австрія, Грац Squash Dome 35
2019 Raphael Kandra (Німеччина) Borja Golán (Іспанія) Nicolas Müller (Швейцарія) - Румунія, Бухарест Infinity Club 24

European Women's Individual Championship

Рік Переможець Срібний призер Бронзовий призер Місце України Представник України Локація Клуб Кількість учасників
2010 Jenny Duncalf (Англія) Vanessa Atkinson (Голандія) Camille Serme (Франція) - Німеччина, Саарбрюккен 30
2011 Natalie Grinham (Голандія) Camille Serme (Франція) Emma Beddoes (Англія) - Польща, Варшава Squash City 20
2012 Camille Serme (Франція) Natalie Grinham (Голандія) Lucie Fialová (Чехія) - Фінляндія, Хельсинки Talihalli 21
2013 Camille Serme (Франція) Natalie Grinham (Голандія) Coline Aumard (Франція) - Бельгія, Херенталс Flemish Squash Centre 22
2014 Camille Serme (Франція) Line Hansen (Данія) Lucie Fialová (Чехія) 20-Усенко Надія Франція,Валансьен TSB Valenciennes 23
2015 Camille Serme (Франція) Line Hansen (Данія) Coline Aumard (Франція) 15-Усенко Надія Словакія, Братислава Eurovea Shopping Park 25
2016 Camille Serme (Франція) Nele Gilis (Бельгія) Tinne Gilis (Бельгія) 13-Усенко Надія Чехія, Прага Hector Sports Centre 26
2017 Camille Serme (Франція) Millie Tomlinson (Англія) Nele Gilis (Бельгія) - Англія, Ноттингем The University of Nottingham 18
2018 Millie Tomlinson (Англія) Coline Aumard (Франція) Nele Gilis (Бельгія) - Австрія, Грац Squash Dome 29
2019 Nele Gilis (Бельгія) Coline Aumard (Франція) Mélissa Alvès (Франція) 11-Бушма Аліна Румунія, Бухарест Infinity Club 32

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