What is SPIN?

In early 2014, the World Squash Federation focused on the mandatory receipt by each player of a sports license, abbreviated as SPIN (Squash Personal Identification Number).


What is SPIN for?

This allows the WSF to make it much easier to hold various events, divide them into categories, structure the ranking of athletes. The introduction of the SPIN procedure will make it easier to carry out the procedure of seeding players at various European and world championships, as well as at individual series of tournaments.


Who needs SPIN?

- professional players;

- Junior, participating in the tournaments of the World and European federations (ESF Junior Circle, Team and Individual Championship of Europe and the World);

- Masters players participating in World and European Federation tournaments;

- coaches with ESF / WSF categories.


What is the fee for registration of SPIN?

From 1 January 2017, it is £ 15.


How to get SPIN?

Players can do this with the help of the national federation (in this case Ukrainian) or in person through the on-line procedure on the WSF website. It is enough to go through the SPIN registration procedure once and the personal number of the player / coach will appear in the WSF database for life.

Online registration