Squash player Julia Zhukovets about studying at the American Yale University

Squash player Julia Zhukovets about studying at the American Yale University

There is something to be proud of - every year our juniors are increasingly getting the opportunity to study and play squash in the best universities in the world. We wrote about how to enter a university in America and Europe in previous articles, but hearing firsthand is another matter. Now the athletes are on vacation, and we decided to talk and find out how the learning process in Ukraine and the United States differs, how it is to be in a new educational environment and what squash is capable of when you try to get a grant.

Today, next in turn is a multiple participant in international and national squash competitions, a member of the Ukrainian national team, Kyiv resident Julia Zhukovets, a student at the Ivy League American University, Yale University, (New Haven, Connecticut).

A few words about Yale University, USA ......

Yale University is one of the most famous and prestigious educational institutions in the world. The university is part of the "Big Three" of the Ivy League universities: Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

According to statistics, approximately 10% of Yale students do not pay for tuition, and another 51% of students receive financial assistance from the university. The amount of scholarship assistance at Yale University ranges from 12,000 USD to 35,000 USD per year per student, covering the lion's share of the cost of training. And this means that almost every applicant has the opportunity to participate in the scholarship program, regardless of nationality and country of residence. How to study in the USA, in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, she kindly told Julia Zhukovets for the Squash Federation of Ukraine!

- Hi Julia. Please tell us about the conditions of drowning in Yale for Ukrainian athletes who plan to study further to do professional squash, how are you?

- The university has standard requirements for all students who enter and athletes are given only concessions, according to the level of points. Mandatory is TOEFL (at least 100 points) or IELTS (at least 7.0), also SAT (there is no specific criterion, but for Yale it was necessary at least 1250-1300). It is necessary to provide a time sheet from 8 to the last class. They asked me for VNO because I did it a year after graduation (but it does not play a big role). There are no additional entrance exams.

- Was there any financial assistance (benefits) for the athletes?

- In Yale, standard financial assistance for all students, regardless of whether you are an athlete or not. It is called "Need based". This is financial assistance, depending on the financial status of your family. It doesn’t need to be paid back later, as a matter of fact they give it to you.

First you send your time sheets, test results to the trainers, and they already decide whether you are suitable. Then they look at the squash and compare it with the other players they want to take this year. If the stars converge, then the coach says that he wants to take you to the team. And then comes the standard process of filling out the questionnaire, writing an essay, etc.

- Tell me, were you in the United States when submitting documents or did you do everything online from home?

- Everything is online.

- How did you get in touch with the university?

- I wrote directly to the coaches whether they need players in the team. Because no one will tell you about the drowning process itself and it hasn’t been written anywhere.

- When you wrote the squash trainers how they reacted, were they happy with your letter?

- I can’t say that they were happy. Some universities were interested, some already had enough players. Depends on the university.

- In general, many applicants are selected annually in the university’s sports team?

- You never know how many people have already written / talked with coaches. Some speak to several universities at once, then choose one.

- Did the coach help you upon admission?

- The coach is the engine of your admission. He promotes an applicant in this process. He is primarily interested in you being in the team. If the coach says that you are in a team, it means that you did.

- Did you record any videos for them?

- Yes, you definitely need to make a short video (2-3-4 minutes) about how you play. I shot for several months and then mounted in one video.

- What are your impressions after this school year: about the country, university, teachers, squash team, coaches?

- This is the best place that could be.” Teachers always help and strive to teach you something. The team is very cool, the girls and I are best friends, we often spend time together. The trainers are also very cool, they always support, they train with us individually. It's hard to say about America, because you're always on campus and don't see too much of the country itself, how people live, and so on.

- Do you live in a dormitory?

- Yes.

- Interestingly, how many girls live in the room with you, do you have good living conditions? Are you paying for dormitory accommodation?

- Differently. There was one girl in my room. Two more in another and a common room, like a living room. Bathroom and toilet in the hallway. Accommodation costs about $ 9,000 per year.

- Good conditions, but expensive, it seems to me.

- When the total tuition costs $ 80,000 per year, then not so much. My family pays $ 12,000, this amount includes - tickets, books, personal expenses. Training costs - $ 72,000, of which we pay $ 5,000 per year.

- How many workouts do you have per day or per week?

- Every day for 2-3 hours.

- Have you entered any specialty or are you just studying subjects that you like?

- A specialty is chosen at the end of the second year of study (or earlier), and before that I just collected subjects. There are always items that are needed to get some specialty.

- Have you thought about a specialty yet?

- I plan to study Statistics and Data Science or Economics and Mathematics.

- Will you leave any advice for future applicants?

- Probably the most important advice is not to give up. Even after several failures, you still need to continue to write to the coaches, ask questions and knock yourself out a place in the team. Being an international student, it is especially difficult to find a place in an American university, but every effort is worth it.

- Do students have any traditions, for example, to gather somewhere every Friday?

- There are always parties on Fridays and Saturdays. We also have a nightclub where only Yale students are allowed on Wednesdays. There are a lot of theme parties and generally Wednesday is a little Friday, so if there are no exams, everyone goes there on Wednesdays.

Cool! Thank you for your time, it was very nice to talk.

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