"Success story of squash 2010-2020" - a special project of the squash federation of Ukraine!

Records and achievements of athletes in European competitions under the auspices of ESF.

We decided to start a series of publications entitled “Squash success story 2010-2020” to remind athletes and attract juniors to learn more about the achievements of Ukrainian and European squash in the last decade at the main competitions:

  • European Team and Individual Championships
  • club-team championship of Europe
  • ndividual European Masters Championship
  • European Junior Team and Individual Championships 15/17 and 19 years old

These championships are the most significant European events during the year, which bring a significant number of rating points and attract significant public attention.

Next in turn is a conversation about the impeccable champions of European competitions.

  • Gregory Gaultier, a professional squash player from France, is one of the most outstanding squash players in history. He has won 13 medals at the individual European Championships, 9 of which are of high level, which is an absolute record since the founding of the competition (the tournament has been held since 1990). In second place is the Englishman Chris Walker, behind him 3 victories.

  • A professional athlete from France - Camille Serme, she began to set her first records in the squash arena since 2006. It was then that she, as a junior, won the first gold medal at U19 Individuals and then twice more received the title of European champion among juniors in 2007 and 2008. From 2012 to 2017, the Frenchwoman remained the undisputed leader of the Individual European Championship (EICC), which so far has not been able to surpass any of the women's championships.

  • The homeland of squash - England, rose to the highest pedestal more than 40 times in the male and female ETC 1 & 2. On the account of the English 81 victory since 1973. And over the past 10 years: 7 gold medals were won by men and 8 - by women.

  • The record holder for the number of victories won in the tournaments of the European club-team championship among teams is the German club Paderborner. He has won 9 gold medals since 2003, and over the last decade, the club shares championship laurels in the number of games won with the young rival German club B & W Worms.
    Maximum workload: counted the participants of the iconic European competitions

    Today, under the auspices of the European Squash Federation (ESF), 7-8 (the "Masters" is held every 2 years) major European championships are held annually, which are watched by more and more spectators. In these charts you will find information on the number of participants in these tournaments over the past 10 years.

    By the way, Ukraine has been participating in European Championships under the auspices of the European Federation (ESF) only since 2005.

Despite the victories of the European leaders mentioned above, enough sporting achievements and Ukrainian squash in the period 2010-2020:

2014 - Nadezhda Usenko became the first Ukrainian to take part in the individual European Championship.
2014 - the women's team first joined the men and went to the European Team Championship.
2014 - Ukrainian juniors under 15 years old, first went to the U15 / U17 Team competition.
2016 - Dmitry Pogrebnyak became the first junior to represent our country at the U19 individual competitions.
2017 - Konstantin Rybalchenko became the first “masters” player to go to the individual championship.
2018 - the first junior national team under 19 was formed, which took part in the U19 Team competitions.
2018 - the women's team won gold for the first time at ETC3 and received a residence permit in the top division.

Next, we will dwell on each championship in detail, recall their winners and achievements of Ukrainian athletes, share photos of ten years ago and interview athletes who have made a significant contribution to the history and development of Ukrainian squash.

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