In Bucharest, we started playing European Team Championship in the third division. Among other candidates trips to the tournament rank up there competing and women's national team of Ukraine. Two years ago, our women stopped a step away from this, won bronze medals in the championship, what, Unfortunately, It was not enough to go to the second division. Last year, our chances were very high, however some discrepancy tournament regulations norms dashed all hopes. We're also considered one of the favorites of the championship. However, this year, Ukrainian women will be slightly harder - injuries of leading players forced to update the composition of the team on the eve of departure. But this lineup, our girls can display vivid game, and confirmed that the first game day.

13062283_994322053936728_2840901393480600912_nOn Wednesday, we immediately had to contend with one of the strongest teams in the continental championship - Finland. Exam girl stood as "excellent", but still lost in each of the matches. But do not hurry for anything. Initially struggled third racket of their teams, and Liana Sardak in opposition to Xenriettoy Huuhka throughout all three games before the end of fighting, double transfer the game to a tie-break. But at the last moment, luck was on the side of the finca. The match between the leaders of their teams lasted for four games, and Anastasiya Fesenko one of them was able to write in the active. Yes and Yulia owl He made nervous Emiliju Korxonen, only in the third game allowing fatigue take their.

13051673_482311288636821_1211433335279356179_nBut in the second half of the day Ukrainian off at skvoshistkah from Belarus. Fesenko and Sardak We do not leave any chance Irina Kulbatskoy and Christine Zanevskaya. The hardest thing had pop gun, which opposed the second racket of the Belarusians Olga Chmielewska. Twice during the game a rival was in the lead, but our captain returned all full circle. The fourth batch of Julia and all to win to nil. In the final game of the same all decided last couple of strokes. Thus, the Ukrainian team opened the score his victories.

On Wednesday, our girls will face Italy, also today managed to beat Belarus. And now we learn, it terrible Monica Menegotstsi and Co., as it seems at first glance.

«The first day difficult, We get used to the courts and targets, atmosphere and even to each other, – He commented on the start of the game captain Yulia owl. - So many emotions. One meeting lost, won the second. fought, laid. I remember a decent game Fesenko with the first racket of Finland Riina Koskinen. Tomorrow we play against Italy. We're going to rest, analyze errors and to tune in tomorrow's game».

European Team Championship (20-23 April, Bucharest, Romania)

First day

20 April

Group B

Finland - Ukraine - 3:0 (9:1)

Riina Koskinen - Anastasiya Fesenko - 3:1 (11:4, 11:6, 7:11, 11:3)

Emilia Korhonen - Yulia owl - 3:0 (11:8, 11:8, 11:5)

Henrietta Huuhka - Liana Sardak - 3:0 (11:8, 12:10, 12:10)

Ukraine - Belarus - 3:0 (9:2)

Anastasiya Fesenko - Irina Kulbatskaya - 3:0 (11:6, 11:3, 11:3)

Yulia owl - Olga Chmielewska - 3:2 (7:11, 11:4, 6:11, 11:0, 11:9)

Liana Sardak - Christina Zanevskaya - 3:0 (11:7, 11:3, 11:6)

Other matches

Italy - Belarus - 3:0 (9:0)

Finland - Israel - 3:0 (9:2)


Command AND AT P G + T- H + M- ABOUT
1. Finland 2 2 0 18 3 222 153 4
2. Italy 1 1 0 9 0 99 34 2
3. Ukraine 2 1 1 10 11 185 171 2
4. Israel 1 0 1 2 9 80 114 0
5. Belarus 2 0 2 2 18 97 211 0


21 April

Italy - Israel, Finland - Belarus, Italy - Ukraine, Israel - Belarus

22 April

Finland - Italy, Ukraine - Israel

Group A

Scotland - Latvia - 2:1 (7:3)

Luxembourg - Gibraltar - 3:0 (9:0)

Latvia - Gibraltar - 3:0 (9:0)

Scotland - Romania - 3:0 (9:0)

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