22-25 August in Odessa held 9 th in a row an international squash tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2019.

150 players from 12 countries visited South Palmyra for the last weekend. In connection with such a large number of players, matches took place simultaneously on the 3 courts of the club Sport Life organizer and 2 courts, a fitness club "Formula".

On most legendary tournament was attended by almost all the best players in Ukraine, as well as masters from neighboring countries. traditionally,, Championship visited the strong visitors from countries founders squash – England. For the first time in the history of Ukraine, it debuted at Zenit category Men Masters 40+ and 45+. In this way, Zenit set is the third record of Ukraine Squash. So, at 2007 the first time it was held at the Zenit debut PSA tournament, at 2013 he was the children's tournament debut under the auspices of the ESF Zenit Junior Open and this year Zeni Black Sea started the Masters category. Games veterans looked no worse than professionals, and on heat of passion and dedication, and sometimes even better!

But, before moving on to the winners, We would like to say a word of thanks and appreciation to all the sponsors and partners of Zenit Black Sea Open 2019!

The main organizer and fitness partner of the event has traditionally acted as a national chain of fitness clubs N1 “Sport Life“.
We express great thanks to all the companies and individuals, involved in the organization of the tournament, namely:

company “Crown Plastics” in the person of Andrei Sidorenko, company “Solaris Agrolyuks” in the person of Elijah Shlaera, company “Li-Ning” represented Shandybina Artem, company “Tecnifibre” in the face Dmitry Shcherbakov, company”Brisk” in the face of Alexey Baryshnikov, company “With you ” represented Candan Galina, company “a sweet” in the face of Alexey Kostyukova, company “More Emotions” represented Lychak Irene, Squash Federation of Ukraine, company MaxEvents face Urakina Maxima.

Thank mineral water “end” and cafe chain “Compote“for treats.

The party and awards ceremony was held on the beach in a beautiful club restaurant “М1 Club Hotel”.

The main information partner of the event was the company – “Interfax Ukraine”

Just a tremendous thanks to Alexey Usenko and Mark Bourdenay for financial assistance.

Thank leading Dribnogo Roman and super parodist Anatoly Yurchenko for vivid emotions!

Tremendous spasibische people, without which this championship squash was not so bright, sporty and ambitious. We thank absolutely all the organizing committee of the tournament in the face of Yuri Maltsev, Sergei Zakomlistova, Alexander Kostevich, Reshetnyak Constantine, Irina Yakovenko, Peltek Mary and Tatiana Makivskoy.

See you next year for the 10th anniversary tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2020!!!

Winners tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2019!

Category PSA men

  1. Ahmed Muhamed (Egypt)
  2. Fedoruk Valery (Ukraine)
  3. The Arrests Basil (Romania)

Category PSA woman

  1. Usenko Nadia (Ukraine)
  2. Kostyukova Anastasia (Ukraine)
  3. Kotova Olga (Ukraine)

Category male lovers

  1. Thornton Ben (England)
  2. Eugene Popko (Ukraine)
  3. Julius Laukart (Ukraine)

category 45 +

  1. Kovalchuk Viktor (Ukraine)
  2. Kostevich Alexander (Ukraine)
  3. Yuriy Maltsev (Ukraine)

Category woman lovers

  1. Onegova Alexander (Russia)
  2. Strelnikova Olesya (Russia)
  3. Egorova Lyudmila (Russia)

Category BU-13

  1. Nikita Khlus (Ukraine)
  2. Yegor Shcherbakov (Ukraine)
  3. Artem Panchenko (Ukraine)

Category GU-13

  1. Beeba Christina (Ukraine)
  2. Krykun Anastasia (Ukraine)
  3. Suprun Elizabeth (Ukraine)

Category BU-15

  1. Scherbakov Dmitry ml. (Ukraine)
  2. Zhivotovsky Jaroslav (Ukraine)
  3. Glushchenko Lukyan (Ukraine)

category 40 +

  1. Zheludkov Timothy (Ukraine)
  2. Balota Dmitry (Ukraine)
  3. Sidorenko Andriy (Ukraine)

All results can be found link.

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