Sikora Artur Denisovich
Date of birth: 17.08.2000
Growth: 184
Weight: 73 kg
Club/City: Sportlife, Kiev
Racquet, which plays: Salming
Trainer: Konstantin Rыbalychenko
The interests of the: squash, coaching, football, training dogs


Julius A. Laukart
Date of birth: 01.10.2002
Growth: 186 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Club/City: EnerGym / Kiev
Trainer: Konstantin Rybal'chenko / Dmitry Kravchuk
Racquet, which plays: Harrow Vapor Ukrainian team edition
The interests of the: football, chat with friends, modern fashion,
listening to music


Belikov Yefim G.
Date of birth: 18.02.2001
Growth: 182 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Club/City: Tetra / Kharkiv
Trainer: Gennady Belikov
Racquet, which plays: Mantis Blu
The interests of the: squash, football, I write poems, articles


Zhukavets Julia E.
Date of birth: 13.11.2001
Growth: 166 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Club/City: Sportlife/Kiev
Trainer: Ahmed Mohammed
Racquet, which plays: Technifibre Carboflex 125S
The interests of the: travels, films, mathematics

Ukraine was first introduced, and the European Youth Championship The-15. Trio in person Hope Usenko, Artur Sikora and Ilya Presman took on Euro 2014 in Prague high eighth place. And this fact suggests, that our country has grown up a worthy replacement, which, we hope, in the near future will compete in "adult" leagues for promotion to the first division.

U-15 2014 year (8 a place), Prague

Artur Sikora, Nadezhda Usenko, Ilya Pressman

U-19 2018 year (18 a place), Belysko-White

Artur Sikora, Julia Zhukavets, Julius Laukart , Yefim Belikov

European Team Championship: 2018 year