This weekend, 18 June Kherson will host the second stage of the tournament «Sport Life Squash Tour» -2016. To this end, the city this level of competition will be the second in its history - if we talk about the scale of the event. While tournament organizers are still accepting applications from all interested persons to participate in it, but even the interim results suggest that, that this event promises to be a really big deal. It says only that, in southern Ukraine this sport develops not less rapidly, than in urban areas, It has long been dictating trends in their domestic squash.

One of the masterminds of the tournament, squash coach and first category Thirteen Ukrainian tennis player in the "Fans" category Artemy Perun already in anticipation of the upcoming holiday and not even trying to hide the pride of, squash as the progresses in his hometown:

Artem PERUN: "In KHERSON SQUASH developing very intensively"

- The tournament of this level in Kherson has been held for the second time. Last year we did not have so many participants, but now, I feel, It will be much more willing to. Especially, that our tournament debut went well. Then M1 were only five people, but in the other, can say, It was full. Categories M2 and M3 were nearly filled (under sixteen participants). This year we have more people going (Perun is told before the deadline, – ca.. A. M.). I think, this time it will be much more interesting.

- As for the city, which began to grow squash is not so long ago, pretty strong indicator…

- Judging by the Kherson, the number of representatives of our city in this competition will be quite impressive. I also know, that comes a lot of people from Odessa, Kiev. Must be skvoshisty from Dnepropetrovsk (some of them came back in the last year, Now the delegation is expected to be more numerous). Who will be made up of professionals, to say I can not - is still ongoing bidding campaign. Only closer to the start of the tournament, when we make the grid and the tournament schedule, We will be able to assess the full scale of the event.

- How do you assess the development of squash directly in his hometown?

- Development of a very intense. This year, we had his own Children's Academy, so this time we have already entered the tournament "Children" category for young skvoshistov up 13 years. Squash interested in more people. And the popularity of squash growing in Kherson not in arithmetic, and exponentially. The only thing, local skvoshisty do not like to travel to tournaments, they have to be long to bother, they wanted to go to the competition in another city. squash itself they like, but about the trips they often doubt. Because of Kherson and squash is not so much what is known in Ukraine. Hope, This tournament will give a new impetus to local players and encourage them to express their skill already on the Ukrainian level.

- What Kherson skvoshistov you could be proud?

- In the category of M3 will play a very strong athletes, Alexander and Vitali Grebenyak Churaev, M2 will fight for the podium Alexander Degtyarenko, for whom this tournament would be his debut in the sense of the transition to a different category. I can say even Alexander Sterchuna. Generally, their strong players we have enough. AND, of course, we hope, that feel good show children. Competition we grow, We will gain momentum, ride on the various tournaments, gain experience, resist, fight is even stronger Odessites, Kyivers. This tournament is just show, how Kherson skvoshisty ready for this.

While we'll see, how this tournament will be held. And then we will think about the organization of these competitions. Personally, I would like to spend in Kherson separate children's tournament - as it is known, development of any sport, Firstly, It comes from the children. I want to make it on a regular basis - for example such competitions, that make my colleagues in Kiev. children to come, competed, were by age divisions - up 11 years, to 13 years and so on.

Although the main objective of the tournament is still an opportunity to show the citizens of our city, what squash. Unfortunately, many people still do not know anything about the sport. We invite everyone to just go to the games, at least look at this fight, to get acquainted with squash. Expect coverage of this event by our local TV channel VTV and other media Kherson. So there are all preconditions for, to about Kherson school squash soon became known throughout the country.

Dmitry Shcherbakov-ST.: "Tournament promises to be rich"

Организатор «Sport Life Squash Tour» Dmitry Shcherbakov fully agree to the Perun, Paying tribute to those people, are engaged in the popularization of squash on the ground:

- Unfortunately, the state now cares little about the development of many sports, in particular, squash. And it keeps on enthusiasts. In the southern regions at one time push to the promotion of squash given Yakov Kutkovskyy, caught fire the desire to develop it in Odessa, Kherson, other cities. I suggested that he use the system «Sport Life» Clubs, which was very helpful. He took the inventory payment, trainers, I help in the provision of courts. At the time, the two-month selection was held - as a result of, in Odessa and Kherson were first Baby Squash Academy, become an example for the organization of similar structures in other cities. Children are engaged in them from Monday to Friday, under the strict supervision of professional trainers. In Odessa, it is Natalia Sergeeva, in Kherson - Artemy Perun, connect and others. The first result was that, which is the first children's tournament «Barakat Squash Junior Open» в мае It came about eighty children, of whom were representatives of the southern regions of Ukraine, even managed to win a medal of the championship. In this approach,, such work a couple of years, Ukraine will receive athletes, able to adequately represent our country in the international arena. Of course, This result has inspired us with a light heart to enter into a phase of regulation Kherson category "Children". If a year ago there was virtually no members, it now, I know, there will be serious competition. AND, of course, If squash infected children, then for them to be sure to reach for their parents, so that the next tournament promises to be very busy.

- You can say, that the appearance of children's academy started with the south of Ukraine?

- Yes. To date, an example of Kherson and Odessa, we have been able to introduce in other cities. Formed group in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, plans introduction of this practice in Lviv, Poltava. Our initiative was supported at all levels, including Squash Federation of Ukraine. All agreed, that today is an urgent need to train personnel for the national team of Ukraine - for a generational change has not been canceled. I want to note, that from the time of the Kiev "Petroholding Squash Club", who first introduced the concept of the Children Squash Academy, nobody else practiced similar direction. And the appearance of such a vast system of groups of children - it is really a breakthrough season 2016.

- With regard to the "adult" squash - what to expect from the tournament in Kherson?

- Yet is accepting applications, but I can say - the number of participants is much greater, than last year. This is indeed a success. Of course, the list of players could be big, but it is worth to take into account, that in the same period, the tournament takes place in Kharkov, where the same division into categories, as we have. But we are even more pleased that - in this sense, competition between cities only benefit, after all only says, squash that is becoming increasingly popular all over Ukraine.

- Who is scheduled to play in «Pro» the most prestigious category of the tournament in Kherson?

- Because our tournament has an internal category C, then I think, in Kherson come as representatives of all the second tier. I look forward to visit Artur Sikora, Yaroslava Column, other skvoshistov this category. But, anyway, sure, the fight will be entertaining at all levels and in all categories. So fans of squash would be to look at throughout the tournament.

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