squash – one of the greatest sports and the best sport for health and maintaining good physical shape.

We all know, squash that improves mental health and helps young people to develop social skills. Squash has become a lifetime passion for many of us. And our top players are among the best athletes on the planet.

so, Let's join forces in World Squash Day, to promote the above slogans and we encourage each club, the academy and the game of squash centers open their doors to attract new players.

WORLD DAY OF SQUASH 2019: under the slogan «The Big Hit»

This is a very simple concept: World Squash Federation (further WSF) It offers a clear structure and a plan for each club, and encourages us to use this structure:

1. Open the doors of the club, to attract new players

2. Spend free classes on World Squash Day under the slogan «The Big Hit»

3. Conduct free weekly classes «Big Hit», to maximize involve new players

Examples of promotional strategies for the promotion of clubs:

  • Invite people over to the courts
  • Help them to find mates for a game
  • Fall in love with them in the game, how we love it
  • And then they will want to share this cool game, squash, with their families and friends

So that, 12 of October and you hold the racket, joint efforts will make available each squash and everywhere!

For all additional information please contact the FSO's e info@squash.ua, as well as by phone. + 38 (044) 359-09-55, +38 (066) 575-09-11.

WSF proposal led by Alan Thatcher

© Anna Tesleva

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