Unfortunately, All three Ukrainian skvoshista finished the fight for the medals of the World Games 2017, which these days takes place in Wroclaw, after the first round. What a shame, none of them was able to take away from their seeded rivals any past game. On the other hand, Ukrainians have received invaluable experience of performing at this level of the tournament, which brought together the best athletes from around the world.


Надежда Усенко VS Fiona Moverley

The first entered into the struggle Nadezhda Usenko, which was opposed by experienced Englishwoman Fiona Moverli (by the way, World Games is no division into Scotland, England, Wales - all athletes from the same country UK). Rival immediately switched high speed, and in the first game Usenko managed to take only two points. Subsequent past game Hope fought more successfully, but he was constantly behind Moverli, lost the match by a score 0:3 (2:11, 6:11, 7:11).

Alina Bushma VS Chan Joey

Parallel on a glass court Alina Bushma I resisted the third seeded Joey Chan from Hong Kong. Ukrainians enough only for the first game, and then groped favorite games all the weaknesses of our skvoshistki and defeated it in the subsequent batches - 3:0 (11:6, 11:2, 11:4)

After a couple of hours into the battle joined the captain of the national team of Ukraine Konstantin Rыbalychenko. However, his experience of the game was not enough, to overcome the barrier in the face C Fung Jipa from Hong Kong - 0:3 (2:11, 1:11, 5:11).

Rybalchenko Kostiantyn – Yip Tsz Fung

Basically, the results of the first round were quite predictable. From the draw dropped only two players seeding - British men Joshua Masters Cech has conceded Jan Koukalu, and Australian Dzhessika Ternbull It failed to take any one of the tie-breaks in a British Lisa Aitken. In the second round as there were almost no surprises - who had flew 9/16 seeded. Is that the sensation was seeded fourth defeat Sesar Salazar, which he defeated German Raphael Kandra.

But on Wednesday started a real twist. The quarter-finals was the last match for C Fung Jipa, which stunned gaining strength Peruvian Diego Эlias – 3:1. Out of control as the second racket of the tournament max Lee, which he managed in three games Hrehua Marsh. But our girls offender Moverli Chan and reached the semi-finals. And for the first five games that took the game with the French Colin Omar, and the second stopped familiar Ukrainian fans Milli Tomlinson. Now they have meetings against the best the world skvoshistok Nicol David and Camille Serme. But even in case of defeat they already have done so much for, to hold presentation at the World Games 2017 successful.

© Aleksandr Muzyka

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