In mid-October, during the final stage of the Cup of Ukraine-2016, which took place in Kiev club "5th Element", took the first in the history of Ukrainian squash seminar, on the work of chief judges squash competition. In a unique event of its kind, organized by the Squash Federation of Ukraine, It took seven people participated, and lecturers began his love Toskhoparan and Alexander Kostevich Sr..

As part of this seminar Love Toshoparan He told about the standards, imposed mainly judges and organizers of competitions, who designed the World Squash Federation (detail this information can be found at WSF official website), focusing on such areas:

- What personal qualities and professional skills must have the chief referee of the tournament;

- What is important for the leadership of the Chief Justice of the tournament;

- What is the difference between the chief judge and the tournament director of the competition;

– 50 commandments, that everyone should know the judge;

- How to organize the work of the judges of the tournament;

- What is the effective management of the main judge of the tournament.

After that Alexander Kostevich shared his many years of practical experience in tournaments, I told, how to develop the grid, depending on the number of tournament participants and categories, He proposed to consider the specific examples.

In this way, seminar was held in the style of an open discussion of the problems in the organization of tournaments. The participants expressed their proposals to solve the described problems FSO representatives. In particular, The following issues were raised:

- Division of the chief judge and the tournament director;

- Receipt of future practices of Chief Justices held in the tournaments;

- The presence of conflicts of interest;

- Judging imbalance;

- Definition of common standards for the tournaments under the auspices of the FSO;

- Promotion of squash in the masses;

- Peculiarities of doing leaderboard;

- Technical support from the FSU;

- Statements of the main tournament judges;

- A unified system of sanctions;

- Mutual respect and behavior on the court;

- The status of judges, Rates work etc..

Impressions on holding this event to share its direct participants, whose comments and offer you.

circle-2Sergey Drandalush, seminar participant (Kiev):

It's not a secret to anybody, most squash tournament held in Ukraine, usually, without the individual, who would assume the function of Chief Justice. Basically, This function lies with the organizer or the tournament director - I'll come across on a regular basis with this problem. After all, the tournament director and so have something to do during the competition, and to implement and enforce all regulations (both domestic championships, and at the level PSA) the division of responsibilities and become altogether necessary. We now have a year as acting judges club, were certified judge markers - was a logical and a seminar "the chief referee of the tournament".

I was interested to jointly discuss the duties and responsibilities of the Chief Justice, Requirements for candidates, look at, as colleagues master material, as they are interested in. Work, that together we came to the conclusion, that all tournaments must take place in compliance with the regulations and under the supervision of the FSO, and these tasks will go to the chief judge. And the more pleasant, that the workshop itself was held in a very warm, friendly and, I can even say, "Family" atmosphere.

circleOleg Gritsyna, seminar participant (Kharkiv):

The seminar was very useful. Yes, and the club atmosphere accompanied - everything went just as "excellent". Very good was the performance of Alexander Kostevich, which is experienced in conducting various tournaments. He talked about all the nuances of the organization of this process, About, as a component of the grid. We have agreed on many points so, to have the same parameters in the approach to the work of the judges, to the players behavior, to the organization of the championships. In order to compete requirements, which are conducted in Kharkov, Lviv, Kiev and other cities, approaches to implementation are on the same level. Thank Kostevich for it - it really is one of the most experienced professionals, It helped us in many ways. I am grateful to him for, that he spent so much time in order, to clarify all, that the federation has created an opportunity to squash such an event for us. Nicely, that was near and Sergey Drandalush, responsible for competition at the club "5 Element". We will see, how the information will help us, referees and players, during the major tournaments - some of them will be December Ukrainian championship among juniors and "Walls Squash Open» categories PSA.

We would like to once again take part in this seminar and now, with the participation of more organizers of major tournaments - the same Dmitry Shcherbakov and Alihodzhi Akhmedova, who do a lot for the development of squash in Ukraine, but that affect not only the management of the competition, but also looking for funding to carry them out. It would be even more interesting - to communicate with people, express their wishes, find out their views, understand, that could be done to improve the organization of competitions and games on the liability of arbitrators.

circle-1Alexander Kostevich-century., lecturer seminar (Kiev):

I liked the attitude of the participants for this event. It's been great, all were interested in, to learn something new for yourself - there was no one, who would come to just "for show" or forced. People do not just sit and writes something in notebook, and communicated, asked questions, They offered their own solutions, their vision - and Sergei Dahovnik, and Oleg Gritsyna, Sergei Drandalush, and other participants. I think, it makes sense to hold similar seminars in the future. Yet we still have a lot of problems in the organization of tournaments and judging them. In Ukraine, there is only professional school of refereeing, because candidates need to properly train, how to do their job at a high level.

It was the first seminar, to discuss the work is not an ordinary arbitrator "on the court", namely the chief judge the competition - for Ukraine, this practice is a novelty. And this is directly related to the fact, how to prepare for a competition, their organization, Management of each of the participants in the process. Many are, how it looks, but understand it is only by. And direct work in practice, people, by and large, not yet. Love Toskhoparan made a big deal, He conducted a theoretical part, telling, that the judge has or has not the right to do, he needs to know. This is extremely important. But it is equally important to teach future arbitrators instantly assess and manage the situation in practice. I tried to complement the story of Love from the perspective of his experience. I think, I did it. It was nice to see, what people, long time working in this field, They want to further develop their skills. So that the workshop went very constructive for us all. And the knowledge gained on it for sure will help all in attendance to better organize their future tournaments, bring greater consistency in their conduct.

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