When squash is more than just a job and it plays an important part in your life, then today you can be at a meeting in the relevant Ministry, tomorrow to prepare a project for a series of events, and at the same time you can become a journalist for a few hours. But today it's not about me or how much I love my job. Today's interview with the current champion of Ukraine - Valery Fedoruk, about that, as squash entered his life.

Vice-president of the FSU NGO Alyona Ogonesyan

– How did your story in squash begin? As it happened, that you took the racket in your hands and went out on the court?

– Everything happened in Odessa… For some time I worked as a waiter in two cafes – one on the beach, second in the city center .. At some point I felt, that I was fed up with this work and wanted to somehow change the situation in this direction; once I heard an advertisement on the radio, that one of the fitness clubs of Odessa conducts a set of trainers without work experience with further training and providing a workplace – I thought, what is it, what I want – to be in sports! As a child I had sports experience – I trained on the football team, was a goalkeeper and at that time I was studying by correspondence at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko Pedagogical University. I met with the club manager, we talked and he told me, that I will soon be contacted by a coach from one of the fitness clubs. And in a month, I got a call from the coach of the fitness club "Lost World" – Andriy Kachanyuk invited him to the first meeting for acquaintance. There we talked about my prospects of training as an instructor in the gym and squash. On the same day, Andrew and I went to the court and from that moment the racket was in my hands.

– Listen, that's cool! How did you feel?, when he went on the court? I think, that you, as a football player, immediately managed to bounce the ball, whether there were still difficulties at the beginning of training?

– The feeling was one – it is an interest. So, you're right – to reflect it turned out at once, but it took some time, that in the head everything was laid out on shelves – lines, squares, score, obstacles, blows, etc.. So from the first time I did not have a close relationship with squash. But the interest in the sports stage of my life and knowledge absorbed me. I combined training in the gym, work as a waiter and periodic squash.

– Wow! Just everything at once, where did you get so much inspiration and strength?

– At that time it was the source of my income – work as a waiter and, in accordance, I couldn't leave her right away, ago, that I was just starting out as a gym instructor. On the other hand, I understood, that the service sector is approaching the final stage at that point in life. The inspiration came from another field of activity – teaching, new knowledge.

– You remember your first student on the court? What was the year, when you started training?

– Hard to tell, who exactly was my first student. But I remember, that I had a great desire to absorb knowledge, relating to squash in general. Once in the summer 2007 or 2008 year, I definitely do not remember, The tournament was traditionally held in Odessa, then it was Zenit. I took part in it. After it ended, I finally realized, that I want to grow ONLY in squash; I think, that a year later I was definitely training.

– You just mentioned, that your first tournament was Zenit, do you remember your first opponent and your first game? There are definitely far fewer competitions on my squash path, than you have, but I will never forget my first game. AND, by the way, your tips, special thanks for them.

– I don't even remember who my first opponent was in that tournament, I know for sure, that I did not leave the group then and was very angry with myself)) And I wanted to train more and more. So, and I don't remember, as I told you))) OldpastedGraphic.png

– Well, it's too early for you to grow old))). And what about the first competitions abroad? How special you remember them?

– It seems it was a trip to Poland, which city I don't remember. But I remember exactly the level of organization and the number of courts in the country.

– And your first victory?

– At that time, any trip to the tournament outside of Ukraine – it was already a GREAT victory.. Through those, that there were several cities in Ukraine, who actively participated in the squash party – Odessa, Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk (now the Dnieper), and I really wanted to play in competitions, accordingly, any departure was, as a victory! In Ukraine, the regularity of tournaments was at that time – one tournament in 2-3 months. In these conditions, which are now in Ukrainian squash for our players – this could be envied then) As for the victories on the court- I remember winning the score 3-2 over Slovak Tomasz Toth at the European Championships. And I also remembered my loss to a player from Serbia, then our team could not continue the fight for medals. It was very, very sad and sad.

– You have a pedestal of your glory at home?

– So, Of course) In my life there have been many different moves around the country and beyond, and I didn't always take the rewards with me, medals. And at some point I decided to keep only the medals from the finals, gold or silver)

– Share a photo?)))

– I now have everything in a big cardboard box))

– ABOUT, now i know, what to give you for your birthday!))) That all medals moved out of the box and took a worthy place in your home)

– thanks))

– I want to return to the game with the Serb. What was the hardest part of this game? What you couldn't handle? Or you could not identify weaknesses?

– I just checked on YouTube, is our game and found her. His name is Daniel Zilic, the third or fourth racket of his country at that time. I remember, that in the first game I won, and eventually lost 1-3. I think, that he outplayed me tactically, since I got involved in his slow game, more soft strokes, low pace, thereby leveling his strengths.

– Here I have another question. How do you manage to stay calm on the court during competitions? Especially, when the judge makes a decision not in your favor or the opponent begins to behave aggressively? After all, it's a huge stress for me personally, and then I can't collect a pile of five more balls))) And you, from just a rock! Peace and only peace.

First of all, thank you mom and dadpastedGraphic_2.png

Because you understand, that when you are calm, you are able to control your thoughts, if you have power over it, so you can constantly direct your thoughts in the right direction, game plan, what and how to do, what to look for, what not to pay.

Of course, I did not come to this immediately, but only with the number of tournaments, reading certain literature, in important matches, where you have to be as focused as possible on certain thoughts and actions.

– According to you, in our time a lot of cool literature, which helps to think, to reveal and rethink, to see in a new way. Yoga is also present in your life?)))

– In fact, I will not allocate time for her ..

– What are your goals?? Which reached? And which are still ahead?

– Starting in the fall 2018 year and to this day was and is the goal to constantly play in PSA Worldtour tournaments and achieve a world ranking of Top-150. To do this, you need to train regularly and systematically and have a financial cushion, which will cover the costs, related to touring tournaments. PSA Tour is currently suspended, like many others for reasons known to us – COVID-19. As soon as it's over, will keep moving! If you take the goals at the national level – then I want to be an incentive for young squash players and to be an example for them by my actions, that they also set a goal and work on their achievements. AND, ahead, namely in the next year, since the tournament dates have been postponed, take part in the World Squash Championship in the category – Masters.

Your goals are very cool! I wish you, as soon as possible to reach them and put new ones in front of you). Share with us, how you maintain your shape during quarantine?

– Thank you very much!!! I think, like all those, who do not want to go to court with extra pounds after the quarantine – it's at least. And in general, I do only general physical training – run, cycling, all sorts of pull-ups, push-ups from the floor and so on. AND, Of course, there is a strong lack of squash court.

– I am very grateful to you for your time and answers to my curious questions. With you, it is always very pleasant to communicate. Let's stop with the question)

– From me to you?:)

– From me to you))) I'm trying to interview you here)))) And I'm doing it for the first time)))

– It works out for youpastedGraphic_3.png

– thanks))) Very nice) So here's the question)) What can you, as a 4-time and current champion of Ukraine, wish to our squash community, you may share the secret of your success?)))

1. There must be an honest desire, sincerely – to develop in a certain activity.

2. Goal – this is, that will move you to go for a workout, even when you really, really don't want to.

3. Action plan / workouts / tournaments.

4. Industry – do exercises constantly, hone your skills, to improve.

4. Feel yourself and your body, but at the same time be honest with yourself.

5. Sleep, vacation – as active, and passive, food, sports nutrition.

I have thispastedGraphic_4.png

– Thank you for your time, you are a mega cool interlocutor. I hope so, that very soon we will be able to communicate live again, meet in tournaments and watch our favorite squash!)

– Thank you for your sincere interest! I hope so toopastedGraphic_5.png

Friends, we The whole team of the federation really wants to meet with you as soon as possible. We really hope so, that very soon we will be allowed not only to go to the courts for training, let our friendly family gather for competitions.

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