17 March office Squash Federation of Ukraine on the initiative of the Judging Committee passed the country's first workshop for judges "Practical psychology and player interaction referee during the match".

¬ AIA The workshop was attended by judges certified squash Ukraine. Lector - Artem Hmelevskij, experienced psychotherapist, Master of Medical Psychology, practicing psychologist introduced the participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of relations between judges and the players during the match. There were also discussed the main features of the affective state of the player, The most effective approach to solving disputes. During the practical situations the judge learned to develop resistance to the affects, assert their opinion-leader, competently and confidently to solve disputes.

practical work, along with regular meetings of judges club and constant analysis of the global judicial practice, served as a good preparation for the judges before the Championship of Ukraine Squash 2016.

The judges themselves shared their opinions about the workshop:

Jan Kowalska: "... Thanks to this event, I had a good judicial practice and more experience, which gave me the opportunity to better navigate Dispute, I became easier to take decisions - faster and more confident!…»

Sergey Dahovnik: "The workshop was informative .... Very interesting workshops, I began to practice ... "

Olga Chervatyuk: "…At first, I began to understand better the position of judge in the sport, and in particular squash. In history, conscious, on the field of play. One thing – implicitly to accept their role and their rights, and quite another thing – hear from authorities, ensure a proper understanding of, imbued with this idea. I was filled. Still, these psychologists know something)) Secondly, workshop gave real practical tool for working in a stressful situation. And we not only learned about the existence of the instrument, we put into practice! We plunged into the stress with a head very real! And in practice he learned to resist. I like this exercise. WOW-effect! The result on the face. Who is confident in his decision and calm judge – that we) Hope) soon check! Thank you for the work of the psychologist Artem. And especially – for tolerance) tranquility Sample, How else?…»

Professional refereeing in Ukraine have!

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