AT 2018 year at the site of the Kiev club “Sport Life”, Towers went 3 annual international tournament Ukrainian Junior Open 2018. Within 2 days from 2 by 3 June 6 courts were juniors from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Iran, Latvia, Turkey and o.Kipr. Generally, It was played during the tournament about 200 games 9 categories.

At the tournament Ukrainian Junior Open 2018, which gathered about 80 Participants in 4 age categories among girls (U11, U13, U15, U17) and 5 categories among boys (U11, U13, U15, U17, U19), Ukrainian won skvoshisty 4 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals.

The first places in the tournament won:

Gold medals this year our juniors vyboroli, winner "BU13" category -Ostap Bylyaev. On the way to the first place in international competitions Ostap bested compatriot - Glushchenko Lukyan. In the final round against Glushchenko Biljana He won with a score of 3:0 (11-9, 11-3, 11-4) not losing a single past game all his opponents in the course of the tournament.

second gold, category “BU15” got star junior squash from Ukraine -ShCherbakovu Dmitry ml. finishing 1 in its category B, Dima confidently reached the main draw of the competition for 1-4 seats where he met his radio news and compatriot Timothy Pouya Shafiefard. With the score 3:0 Shcherbakov in the semifinals beat the first Radionova, and then in the long 5 geymovom match and Iranian.

In the treasury of international medals added one more gold from Kiev Julius Laukart, skvoshist played in one of the smallest categories of the tournament – boys to 17 years. Nevertheless, Julius confidently beat three opponents and once again proved, he number №1.

But in the oldest category of participants, boys to 19 years (BU19) I won Kharkov Yefim Belikov, leaving behind rivals from Cyprus, Russia and Latvia.

Ukrainians beat only the Iranians succeeded in the number of gold medals. Guests from Southwest Asia was taken 5 of gold medals, Congratulations worthy opponents and look forward to next year in Ukraine: Moslehi Kousha (BU11), Mohammad Poor Baran (GU11), Nekopaeian Parmin (GU13), Pezeshki Setayesh (GU15) and Niki Shemirani (GU17).

The results of the international tournament Ukrainian Junior Open 2018.

Photos from the awards the winners of the Ukrainian Junior Open 2018.

note, that this tournament was made possible thanks to financial support Squash Federation of Ukraine and Athletic Committee of Ukraine. Wonderful gifts and memories of our juniors gave the tournament sponsors: water partner Morshynskaya, Sports Club №1 in Ukraine “Sport Life”, Sport-Shop kinetics Sports and Tecnifibre, for the beauty of the tournament responsible company Malva, sweets in the tournament were provided by “Sweet Arte”, a “Grail Restaurant” presented our champions participate in cooking classes.

Yefim Belikov (winner UJO2018, in BU19 category)

“This tournament – It is first of all evidence, we have developed squash. In the category of up to 11, 13 years represented so many Ukrainians, and in almost every category in the finals played Ukrainians, are struggling, impose their struggle”.




Stefano Pitsillis (silver medalist UJO2018, in BU19 category)

“I am very glad to be here today, to take part in this tournament. In Kiev come really strong athletes, I especially would like to mention Iranians and Ukrainians, they really show a high level”.




Alena Ogonesyan (Executive Director of the FSU)

"I've lived this tournament since its registration in the calendar of the European Squash Federation and to the awarding of prizes and medals. Preparing for the tournament and his organization takes a lot of strength and energy, but it's worth it, – says the executive director of Squash Federation of Ukraine Alain Ogonesyan, – I can safely say, it was a very strong and bright junior tournament in Ukraine. During the three years of the Ukrainian Junior Open for the first time we came to a lot of foreign athletes, We compete with our skvoshistam. We do not plan to stop there and are in negotiations to raise the category of the tournament, attract more athletes from Ukraine and other countries. Besides, now we have started preparations for the Ukrainian Junior Open 2019 ».

SHY 2018 a third confirmed, that in our country the squash is developing by leaps and bounds, juniors in very high spirits, laid out on all 100% and diligently train. We are incredibly pleased to see so many foreign players in Ukraine, we set the pace this year and plan to make in the next tournament even bigger.

According to the results of negotiations with the European Squash Federation, at the moment, We have received positive feedback and have a date on hold UJO2019 in the European calendar at 5-7 April 2019 of the year!

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