AT 2018 year Ukrainian squash submitted to the European arena is not only men's and women's national team - in a fight and take our juniors.

As is known, last junior national team of Ukraine spoke at the European Team Championships exactly 4 years ago - then in the U15 category at the competition in Prague Send tRio face Hope Usenko, Artur Sikora and Ilya Presman, (c) Since then, the junior national team of Ukraine on evroarene never participated.

It is worth noting, our juniors continued year after year to participate in competitions in our country and in Europe, but it is no longer going to command. If it was possible to watch the games on the international scene, what happened is only to the individual competitions. At this level, as the European Team Championship U19 juniors of our hitherto not been. In this way, 2018 year, in fact was the debut for us!

As a part of our team logically presented some of the best in Ukraine skvoshistov vozrasnoy category of the championship - Artur Sikora, Julia Zhukavets, Julius Laukart and Yefim Belikov.

His campaign for the achievements in the international arena Ukrainians began with Group A, along with the top teams in the world, members of the England national team, Germany, and not less worthy competitors from Italy and the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, as predicted by the participants and coaches of the national team have the nines defeated the Titans of the European Squash, and our juniors have taken place the last group. It is worth noting the start of the games and the beautiful game Artur Sikora, most experienced team player, it was he who got to Ukraine's first and only cherished victory in the group standings after beating Italian Federico Belvedere.

Nevertheless, triumph ended the game for the national team of Ukraine for 17-20 seats. Our skvoshisty able to beat opponents from Greece and Austria, which significantly improved their team spirit. Winning the match against rivals “outsiders” the tournament was given to us, Firstly, thanks to the coordinated work of the junior and professional mentoring trainer Constantine Rybal'chenko.

Despite, what Sikora I flew to Poland, still not fully recovered from his injury, experience of playing in international tournaments very useful Arthur, who did not give his rivals Kyriakos Tzanakis (Greece) и January Gastl (Austria) any past game. However, the other team members also showed good results, with the score 3:0 Ukrainian team has put on the blades of the Greeks, and then the Austrians, with the result 2:1.

According to the results, along with experience, incredible emotions, colossal charge of the future and the development of our juniors won the championship on his debut 18 a place!

Results European Championship 2018 U19.

note, that this trip was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Squash Federation of Ukraine and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.

After meeting with the national team of Ukraine in the category of up to 19 years, we have learned, with some impressions back team, they liked, and the most important thing, their plans and dreams.

Yefim Belikov (17 years, №106 ESF Ranking BU19)

“Very pleased with the result KCHE 2018, because thanks to this opportunity, I got an incredible gaming experience with such strong teams, as Holland, England and Germany, I met with the top players in its category, and, I hope, I made the right conclusions about their mistakes. We would like to acknowledge the work of our coach, Constantine Rybal'chenko, which not only give good advice, but also created in our team harmony and good mood, He adds to our faith in victory even in the most difficult moments.

Many thanks Squash Federation of Ukraine, because through their work our journey from beginning to end has brought us pleasure. Also, I thank our team, because this journey is extremely united our team, who jointly fought for our country. Thank you!”

Julia Zhukovets (16 years, №23 ESF Ranking GU17)

“A trip to the European Team Championship waited the whole team! conduct training, discussion of the tactical and technical aspects of the game, conducted a thorough preparation for a competition! We traveled with a clear understanding of, that this year is hardly gonna get in the top 16, not to mention about the top 10 😂 but despite this, every game played in full force, as the last time". Every evening spent "debriefing" and tried to correct errors in consecutive games!

For me, the most anticipated game was a Englishwoman Lucy Turmel (European champion 2018 and 66 racket in the PSA ranking). It was a completely different level of play and irreplaceable experience, that does not often get on the Super Series of. The most important thing – we understood, there are a lot of details, on which to work, each of us has built a training plan and set goals for the coming year. Now you only have to carry out his!

Thank you so much USF for this incredible opportunity – play with the best players in Europe. Also thanks to the coach of our national team – Constantine Rybal'chenko mentoring! We look forward to next year, that show the best results!”

Artur Sikora (17 years, №44 ESF Ranking BU19)

“The trip to Poland for the European Championship was a very instructive, with regards to, how to train, to be the best in Europe. I'm sure, that as I, and the boys aim for the next tournament is clear, this – at least the top 15, but rather the top 10. therefore, will be working, to achieve in the next year, the best result and will try to achieve!”

KCHE 2018 once again confirmed, that in our country is growing worthy replacement, guys in a very good mood, laid out on all 100% and diligently train. We are incredibly pleased to again see our young athletes as a team and in one piece.

But most importantly, their eyes shine, and it inspires and brings hope, that the next time they will perform even better, give all of yourself for every ball in favor of Ukraine and bring victory, so we are waiting!

© Anna Tesleva

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