The main purpose of the event is to promote the development of squash and providing training for judges of the European level.

The time and venue of the seminar

7-9 April 2017 of the year.

c. Dnepr, st. Marie Curie, 5. club “Health&Rackets”.

Lector - It Kowalska.

workshop participants

The seminar was attended by squash coaches and players. Limited number of seats. Participation can take 10 human.

workshop Schedule

07.04.2017 -early lectures and written examination (tests) refereeing. (6 April report the beginning lectures additionally).

08.04.2017 - Practical refereeing within the Ukrainian championship.

09.04.2017 - Practical refereeing within the Ukrainian championship.


Certificate judge OFS "marker" category receive participants, Perform the following CONDITIONS FOR:

1.Attendance at the seminar.

2.Filing a written exam (testing) – 85% of total correct answers of questions. All participants, in advance, by e-mail tests for preliminary examination.

3.Oral examination

4.Practical refereeing - 20 otsuzhennye matches(confirmation are filled with match reports)

Conditions of participation in the seminar

To participate in the workshop should send a request by e-mail:

Participation in a seminar free* for members of the Squash Federation of Ukraine.

* for the opportunity to participate in seminars, master classes and other events in Ukraine Squash Federation, as well as the use of special conditions, Membership is necessary to issue the FSO, previously sending by e-mail the completed form and paying an associate member fee (500 UAH. / year).

Application for participation in the seminar.

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