SquashFORWARD (a joint program of the World Federation of squash (WSF) and the Professional Squash Association (PSA)) – officially launched a vigorous activity over the weekend. a series of brainstorming sessions was held with juniors from 4 corners of the globe as part of the Dutch Junior Open tournament in Amsterdam.

SquashFORWARD was formed in order to attract the attention of the younger generation to squash, as a healthy and active sport.

Nour El Sherbini from Egypt (WR№1) and Diego Эlias Peru (WR№11) steel band co-chairs. The group also included French Victor CROUIN, Eain Yow NG from Malaysia, Marina STEFANONI from USA, Dimitri STEINMANN from Switzerland, Satomi WATANABE from Japan and our Ukrainian Nadia USENKO.

Meetings consisting of the order 50 Junior focused on the topics of innovation, stability, inclusion and accessibility. Reviews of juniors participating in the program were extremely positive, Many participants said, they like to be part of this program,, and they believe, This process was an important, Considering, that some of them will also appear at the Olympic Games in Buenos Aires in October, where will attend squash as an exhibition sport.

It is assumed, SquashFORWARD that will share its findings and promising recommendations during the Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

Hope Usenko in Amsterdam has headed a series of brainstorming sessions for juniors!

"Focus groups are of great importance, thanks to the organization of such an event juniors around the world have the opportunity to exchange views on the prospects of development of squash ", – said Usenko, the winner of the women's U-19 category Dutch Junior Open final in Ukrainian.

«I am happy to participate in the program on the Dutch Junior Open, because I love squash and can not imagine my life without him. I am ready to do everything, in my power, to increase the popularity of squash in all corners of the globe and, I hope, see it in the Olympic Games».

WSF President Jacques Fontaine added: "The members of the IOC Executive Board in Lausanne going on this week, to discuss key issues, which will determine the future of the Olympic Games, including the program "Paris 2024". program SquashFORWARD, undoubtedly, will enhance the level of squash, as we have applied for inclusion in the Olympic program ".

PSA CEO Alex Gough said: "We are glad, SquashFORWARD that the opening of the program was a success. This program between the WSF and PSA was created to, to help us to establish a dialogue with the new generation of sports, and we look forward to sharing the results in Buenos Aires in October ".

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