Ladies and Gentlemen, I express my gratitude to the full members, who attended the Conference on November 25th, 2019 and unanimously trusted me to become president of Ukraine Squash Federation. I also, thank Anastasia Netrebchuk, without which the existence of the Federation and squash in Ukraine, at the level, at which we see now it would not be possible.

I also, express my deep gratitude to the coaches and referees, who instill dignity, nobility, mutual respect, which carries squash.

And of course, I express my deepest gratitude to the players and to the fans. You – are that spirit of unity, friendship, excitement, of the game and joy the victories, that call us to clubs and courts.

As a man playing squash for more 10 years and sincerely in love with this sport, I decided to accept the offer to take this post and fulfill the wishes of many whom I met while playing and spending time near the courts..

These ideas, wishes and dreams took shape in a program that our team will implement and is called, "Squash Family 2024".

The program includes:

  1. Implementation of affiliate programs with a discount system for our associate members (Squash Family Members) and improving conditions for our licensed players (Squash Family Players). Introduction of World Masters System (We will play in 75+!).
  2. System creation, which will allow willing to have your club and having his, build it, manage and receive income from it (and to do so with a minimum of time and finances).
  3. Training of qualified coaches and improving working conditions for coaches.
  4. Children's Sports Development through targeted programs for children Academies.
  5. Tournament organization European and international levels.
  6. Raising awareness and prestige Ukrainian squash in Ukraine and abroad.

I am grateful to you for, being there and I will be grateful for the support in the implementation of the above.


President of Ukrainian Squash Federation

Yakov Kutkovskyy

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