Recreation and Sports, What is truly needed child summer. Even if your child is not going to become a professional athlete, itself a sport - a very useful thing. This strengthening of both body, and spirit, which is always useful in all aspects of our lives. This is especially true for children, which have from an early age accustomed to the harmonious development, then to take their rightful place in our society and always be cheerful, healthy and ready to achieve any vertices.

properly, It is the purpose of any sport, is no exception and squash. Much has been said about the efficiency and usefulness of the, with which it affects the development of the body of any person - not just a child.

And if you combine it with other forms of recreation, other sports, the maximum effect out. For the growing organism, he is doubly helpful. With this purpose, every year we organize a variety of children's camps, where under the supervision of professional instructors child meets with a healthy lifestyle and to cultivate the necessary qualities of character for the future.

Health&Rackets Summer Camp, Dnepr

FROM 3 by 9 July (1 change) and 10 by 16 July (2 change) We invite juniors into the Dnieper. At the club Health&Rackets will undergo intensive training for children aged 9 to 13 years throughout the day. In addition to training on the courts, diversify the training process organizers offer a sports stadium.

Living in a camp is not provided, which is very cheaper your costs, but the quality and the resulting share of fun remains the same.

The program fees is drawn up in 6 days:

  • cardio
  • functional training with CrossFit elements
  • OFP and CFP
  • squash
  • final tournament at the end of the training week

The cost of the – 100 UAH / day, Details specify at Aleksandra Bulgakova, +38 (067) 523 72 32.

Parallel to begin its work a children's camp in southern Poland in Bielsko-Biala - this is for those parents, who have the ability to send their children to train abroad.

Squash Camp Elite, Belysko-White

He will be shorter - with 10 by 15 July, but all the conditions will be created here for complete relaxation, and for full training. The more that come to relax and take in the squash equiped Junior Camp will be more and in August: from 14 by 19 August and 21 by 26 August. The curators of the camp are Maciej Klis and Pawel Salamon.

!We advise you to consider it in August to visit squash Camp in Poland, as on 2 and 3 replace the organizers have planned a workout on a glass court, analogues of which in our country is no.

Včela, camp format is the same - meeting with squash, gaming discipline, general physical preparation of both the courts and beyond. AND, of course, leisure - various excursions, familiarity with the architectural landmarks of the city.

The program fees is drawn up in 5 days:

  • cardio
  • OFP and CFP
  • squash
  • c the final tournament prizes
  • entertainment

The cost of the – 1299 PLN / person (310 euro), Details specify at Iga Laba,

Squash Academy Camp, Odessa

FROM 14 by 24 August in preparation for the International tournament Zenit Black Sea Open 2017 in solar Odessa held squash camp for children and juniors. Charges will conduct domestic coaches Valery Fedoruk, Perun Artemy, Natalia Sergeeva and Zakomlistov Sergey.

The camp will take place at the base of society "Dynamo". This place is completely suitable for sports camps for children. There is the presence of all the necessary sports infrastructure: 3-meals, dormitory, sea, forest, health trail.

The program fees is drawn up in 10 days:

  • cardio
  • stretching
  • squash
  • OFP and CFP
  • swimming
  • mini tournament during the Camp

I.e, Each day the children will be engaged in training, the total duration of the 5 to 6 hours.

Delivery – check with Dmitry Shcherbakov, +38 (050) 465 44 42.

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