Squash Federation of Ukraine and the Kiev branch of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine (NOK) launched a project “Free library”. To date, such a library is functioning on the territory of the Children's Academy of squash (клуб Sport Life “Troieschyna”).

Absolutely every skvoshist junior starting today can take any available book, read it and return to a fixed library in Kyiv at: st. Mayakovsky, 46.

Social project was initiated to study the future history of the sport athletes, its development in Ukraine and the world, as well as the biography of the famous heroes of Ukrainian sports. We hope, our juniors learn for themselves really valuable information for each athlete – it's all about training, nutrition and experience of successful people from the world of sports.

By joint efforts we managed to open his first personal library, sincerely believe that it will be useful for each of our children and help them in the intensive development itself, as a person and a future champion.

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