Before the start of major international tournament games PSA «Pareti Squash Open»-2016, 14 December office Squash Federation of Ukraine has passed the first, the theoretical part of the seminar to squash the first category judges.

It was attended by nine experts, previously received the qualification of "junior judge marker", that claim to increase their skills:

- Jan Kowalska;
- Irina Zadvornov;
- Love Toskhoparan;
- Sergei Kharchenko;
- Alexander Shobik;
- Olga Chervatyuk;
- Denis Simonov;
- Oleg Ostrovsky;
- Vyacheslav Fret.

The main highlight of the seminar was the presence of two experienced judges, with extensive experience in prestigious international competitions - Dutchman jack Wieland and Pole Robert Wrobel.

circle-2Jacques Wieland - A world-class referee in Amsterdam, which is more than thirty years, he plays squash and has thirty years of experience of refereeing. He served the game around the world - from Rio de Janeiro to Hong Kong, and their best practices considers Dzhansher meeting between Khan and Jahangir Khan, passes in Pakistan. The longest match in his work continued 126 minutes! At home, in the Netherlands, Jacques teaches a lot of judges - from the club level to the national, master classes, examinations, publishes articles about squash in magazines and newspapers. At the national level, it is the official trainer-assessor.

The seminar focused Wielandt Ukrainian judges on the important aspects of refereeing, He emphasized the importance of accurate operation marker and judges, analyzing disputes, on a variety of examples showing the rules of refereeing, He drew attention to the current trends in the world judging.

circleRobert Wrobel, assisted Dutchman - not less experienced referee, Get a second panel of qualified ESF still 2012 year. The last few years he has served a lot of tournaments world-wide: team and individual championships PSA level, held in Poland, Russia and Ukraine, European Team Chess Championship-2016 in Romania, World Junior Championships in Poland. Robert is also a member of the squash committees in three countries - Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

20161214_135116-2At the end of the first day of the seminar, dedicated to the theoretical part, event, participants shared their impressions about heard.

Alexander Shobik Was glad, that "everything was very accessible, deployed, and at the same time briefly and nothing more ".

Jan Kowalska noted a very good presentation and the, that she understood the speakers at 95%(Considering, the lecture took place on ang.yazyk) .

The same is said and Sergey Kharchenko: "One side, I almost did not learn anything new today. But Wicklund and Wrobel explained everything, people, which passed through each of the points of all so many times, Now that information is remembered as much as possible - before so did not work. It was for me a very important and useful ".

15540323_1151436248303620_669928209_oTotal impressions summed Irina Zadvornov: "I rarely attend judicial seminars, since I live in the river, and they are always in Kiev. Nicely, Today showed that, what, basically, with refereeing in Ukraine is not so bad, as it may seem to someone. Terms of substantially all of our judges are well aware, and nothing fundamentally new in this part was not. But it's nice, there was a possibility to parse complex and the most common situation, When disturbances occur in the situation assessment. Also good, that during the current tournament in Kiev will be able to sue under the supervision of a judge of this level, who immediately after the match point to your mistakes, so you can understand, what you need to work on ".

In front of a huge practical work - judging on «Pareti Squash Open» -2016, where every day Jacques Wielandt will carry out a so-called «Assessment» - an expert assessment of the work of his recent students.

author: Alexander Music

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