after last individual championship of Ukraine It was formed not only the national team, which will soon come into the fight at the European Team Championship. But also defined and players candidacy, who will represent our country at the World Games. At the WSF recently formally approved the presence of our country's two wild-card, who will receive Ukrainian skvoshisty.

European Team Championships will be held 26-29 April at the Helsinki, Finland. decision Presidium Squash Federation of Ukraine in accordance with national rating, results of the domestic championship, and following the set rules, Men's competition will go on the best four of the past championship of Ukraine - Denis homestead, Konstantin Rыbalychenko, Valery Fedoruk and Dmitry Pogrebnyak, as well as the reigning champion among juniors Artur Sikora as an alternate executor. note, that the last time the national teamth Ukraine has firmly established itself as the representative of the second division of the continental championship - Ukrainians in the last year was the ninth (if taking into account the overall situation in all divisions, then 17 mi). Then in Warsaw our team differed by only one player - the fourth racket was Ruslan Sorochinskiy, Pogrebnyak and played the role of reserve players. By the way, It was a repetition of the best result, made in the Ukrainian national team 2014 year in Riccione - in some years we often teetered on the brink of relegation to the third division. AND, I think, with the current level of our players now there are all prerequisites for, in Finland to beat its own record.

Holders of vouchers for the World Games 2017, Wroclaw

A pleasant surprise was the emergence in the list of participants of Ukrainian skvoshistov and at the tenth anniversary World Games, which will be held in Wroclaw, Poland 20-30 July. among the more, than three dozen different sports, they will be competitions and squash (They are scheduled for 25-28 July on the courts of the club «Hasta La Vista»).

According to the tournament regulations, They are attended by no more than 2 Representatives from the countries, who performed at last year's world championships. However, the list provided by the presence of several players. of course, automatically admitted to the tournament players of the host country of the Games (in this case, Poland), the winners of the Junior World Cup 2016, as well as the WSF at its discretion, provides 3 wild-card (The total yield of the grid 32 player in the men's and women's tournaments).

Each national federation proposed to the candidates for the wild-card top players in their countries, and it has already taken a decision on the choice of more players in the world federation level. The rapid development of squash is left to the world's attention in Ukraine. In this way, we got one wild-card in each of the tournaments. Men will be in Wroclaw Konstantin Rыbalychenko, women - our strongest juniors and also an experienced fighter on the international level Nadezhda Usenko. In reserve, respectively, Denis homestead and Alina Bushma. And we are confident, that they are in this competition will show the maximum of their abilities and to show the world the power level of the Ukrainian school of squash.

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