In November 2015 The Committee on the officiating Squash Federation of Ukraine (KS FSU) stepped up its activities. preliminary work plan, the Committee developed and approved at the end of 2015 and all 2016 year, drawn up budgets, all necessary documents are submitted to the Presidium of the FSU. Preliminary plan of work of the COP at FSU 2016 year.

27 November 2015 next year a seminar was held for future judges the level of "junior judge marker", which was attended by skvoshisty from Kiev and Odessa. After all the program a list of certified referees procedures will be updated. Keep up to date information in the section “A list of certified referees FSU”.

Continuing organizational preparation for the implementation of the following programs to the future level of "judge judges 1 categories" (Club Referee). The program consists of a theoretical part (Lecture experienced foreign judges - 5 hours), practical refereeing protocols with filling (100 pcs), monitoring and evaluation of refereeing at the tournament, the foreign judge (Assessment) – 2 the match; oral analysis controversial issues, etc.. To implement the program is scheduled for mid-December. More detailed information will be published in addition.

The Committee has been working to attract sponsors for the prize fund "Judges Marathon", which is scheduled for the end 2015 - begining 2016 of the year.

All questions, relating to refereeing in Ukraine, you can send a new email Committee

Professional refereeing in Ukraine have!

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