Referee Committee FSU (further - Committee) at 2016 he continued his active work not only in the preliminary plan, developed in the late 2015 of the year, but beyond it.

  1. It was held another representative of the Committee - Jan Kowalska, which managed to show their active.
  2. Organized and conducted 3 Seminar for judges: markers for the future - in Kharkiv and Lviv, where in total took part 15 human. And a seminar-meeting for more experienced judges on the results of the European Team Championship (Lviv).
  3. Until the end of May is fully organized to conduct advanced level workshop for judges with a lecturer from Turkey.
  4. In the tournament held in Lviv for the Assessment of Judges Foreign Judge. Assessment is also planned in two tournaments Barakat. For Ukrainian judges is a great opportunity, because they will not be able to improve their skills without the corresponding Assessment.
  5. Psychological first workshop held in Ukraine for judges an experienced psychotherapist. During the workshop, the judge received the necessary theoretical and practical information on correct interaction between the judge and the player during the dispute resolution.
  6. Completed 1 round "Judges Club" meetings, the winners, which awarded prizes.
  7. By working closely with the World Squash Federation received unique information materials for judges, which translated into Russian. These materials are thoroughly studied, and put into practice active judges.
  8. A few sessions with the judges in order to improve the level of sports English. As on date, the level of English of most judges is low, work on the organization of an intensive course of English sports.
  9. developed, approved and made official form squash judges - T-shirts, vests.
  10. Developed and approved by the Referee Committee official logo, Judge Emblem squash. Judges are provided with the necessary standardized cards for judging the system 3 judges.
  11. The modernization of the "Judging" section on the official website of the FSO. Standardized rules for writing articles, added new sections, an opportunity to authorize the judges on the site in order to obtain information narrowcasting.
  12. It published a series of articles about the necessary judging Online, regularly conducted informational support in a special Facebook group.
  13. Weekly meetings are held Judges Club, where all the judges in a comfortable environment can be practiced in judging, analyzing the experience of examining magistrates and the world's best matches with the number of controversial decisions 12+.
  14. Collected and provided all the necessary information to improve the program «Pro1» in part, concerning refereeing and conducting electronic protocol.
  15. Developed the necessary proposals and amendments to the Regulations on the Committee, Materials submitted to the Presidium.

To end 2016 , the Committee has planned many activities in Kiev, and throughout Ukraine.

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