Referee Committee FSU (further - Committee) in fact there is less than three months, but during that time I had a lot of work.

  1. preliminary work plan, the Committee developed and approved at the end of 2015 and all 2016 year, drawn up budgets, all necessary documents are submitted to the Presidium of the FSU. ("Preliminary work of the Committee plans 2015-2016 years. ")
  2. A 2 seminar for future judges: first – marker, second - for judges 1 categories. Through the efforts of the Federation seminar for judges 1 search was conducted for the first time on the territory of Ukraine, attract foreign lecturer and Assessor, Certified by the European Squash Federation. Despite the significant costs on seminars for associated members of the Federation, they were free. The seminars 2015 year attended by more than 25 future judges squash, and now have the appropriate qualifications 19 judges - and this is certainly a major achievement Committee! Keep up to date information in the section "CSLF list of certified referees".
  3. designed, approved and made official certificates squash each level judges. At the end 2015 It took place the official awarding of the judges. ("We invite qualified markers for the award")
  4. At the end 2015 It has been opened Referee club, where all the judges in a comfortable environment can be practiced in judging, analyzing the experience of examining magistrates and the world's best matches with the number of controversial decisions 12+. For their decisions judges receive points, that the results of all the meetings are summarized. Conducted judges rating, the winner gets a prize!
  5. The site Federation finalized "Judging" section, where assembled in sections, all information about the officiating squash.
  6. For future seminars on refereeing in the cities developed more detailed organizational and technical materials.
  7. Preparations are under way for a "Judicial marathon", winners will also receive prizes.

On 2016 year the Committee has planned many events in Kiev, and throughout Ukraine. We want to hold seminars for judges in different cities, make a universal form for the judges and the necessary attributes, to implement the various initiatives and We hope for your support. And all this in order to achieve this goal - improving officiating squash in Ukraine!

Professional refereeing in Ukraine have!

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