During the 3 days was held in Latvia 8 the annual international tournament Riga Open 2017. This year's winners in the categories of professionals have become latviyka Ineta MACKEVIČIAUS, repeat its success 2013 and 2016 year and an Englishman Joe Brooke.

And may this year we did not take first place, Ukrainians worthily represented our country at the Riga Cup 2017.

Our professionals, Member PSA category – Anastasia Kostyukova and Alina Bushma We took the prize in Riga 4 and 2 a place, respectively.

Artur Sikora playing in M1 has confirmed his title at the tournament in Riga, the second consecutive year junior takes the prize 2 a place. On the way to the final, Arthur has won a number of matches in a pretty strong contenders, including 7 Priit Lumi seeded Estonian and Egyptian Hesham Hassan. The first defeat was waiting for Arthur already in the match for 1 a place, And here our athletes showed excellent squash causing nervous 1 scattered, Antonio de la Torre. With minimal breaks in glasses 12-10, 11-7, 15-13 victory in the M1 category this year for the Guatemalan Antonio de la Torre.

Our Sergey Kharchenko, representative from Ukraine category M2 lovers unfortunately did not win a single game in their opponents. Nevertheless, this is an amazing experience for everyone who plays squash and wants to develop in the sport.

Good luck, patience and faith in their own strength to all athletes. thank you, that you participate and show the world Ukrainian squash.

Riga Open tournament results 2017.

© Anna Tesleva

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