Ukrainian Squash Federation stands ready to support and help implement ideas to develop squash in Ukraine, that can be made in projects.

If you have an idea to develop squash in Ukraine, which is framed in the project is at the stage of:

  1. Limited in time, space and finances.
  2. Submitted on paper, stating the purpose of the project, the substance of the draft (What is the) ,seats, time and the size of necessary resources, the alleged executors of the project, alleged sources of project financing.
  3. Implementation of the project.

You do not have the opportunity to realize their own project/media and you are ready to:

1.To submit an idea for discussion, interested parties, anyone in a position to implement the project, for example, FSO.

2.Jointly implement the project.

Evaluate the results of the project

1.If the project is not implemented, then ask whether this was a good idea.

2.If the project is implemented, what the following idea can be implemented in the form of a draft.

If you have an idea and you want to introduce them to life, send your projects to us on email

Application for consideration of the draft.

Anyone wishing to support any of the projects, can offer the feasible or financial assistance, also contact us by mail

All financial flows will take place exclusively through the bank account of Ukrainian Squash Federation:

NGO "Ukrainian Squash Federation»

at 33058670

p / s 26008052627124

in PAT CB «PrivatBank»

MFO 320649

Today Ukrainian Squash Federation have highlighted the main directions of development:

Professional Squash:

Aimed at supporting and developing professional athletes, formation of and increasing skill levels of men's and women's squash tournament national teams of Ukraine, Organization of and participation in Ukrainian and international tournaments.

Children's and junior squash:

Aimed at attracting children in squash, Organization of training groups,support children's tournaments, the formation of the junior squash team, Organization and realization of travel to international tournaments.

Coach again:

The direction focuses on the qualitative and quantitative improvement coaches. Engaging experience and knowledge of Western experts to develop Ukrainian coaches on the new European.


Aims to improve knowledge in the area of officiating. Increase the number of Ukrainian judges and at world level. Improving the quality of refereeing in the Ukrainian tournaments.


The direction is focused on improving the quality of tournaments, the introduction of new technologies and attract more players in squash.

Build squash courts:

Aims at promoting squash as a sport, expansion of geography of squash courts in Ukraine, increasing the number of players in squash in Ukraine.

Topical projects: